Winnipeg woman’s allegation that she was sexually assaulted after taking a taxi is under investigation

A woman claims she was sexually assaulted earlier this month after getting into a taxi to go home to a friend.

Unicity Taxi is now investigating the woman’s complaint about the recent taxi ride. Winnipeg police confirmed officers received a report and the City of Winnipeg rental car office is investigating.

Michelle Hanslip, 32, first shared her account of what happened on Facebook, saying she got into the taxi around midnight after a rally on the night of June 11, but did not had not returned home.

She said she fell asleep in the vehicle and was found naked several blocks from her house.

“Something happened to me,” said Hanslip, who said she woke up the next morning cut and bruised.

She had been in St. James the night before celebrating her friend’s birthday with a few drinks and a swim in her friend’s pool. The last thing she clearly remembers was taking a cab that she thought was taking her home.

Hanslip said she shared the cab with her ex-boyfriend, leaving St. James just before midnight. On the way home she said they both fell asleep.

Hanslip alleges her ex was kicked out of the cab and she never returned home. Instead, she said she was found around 2 a.m. by someone on Mountain Avenue, about six blocks from her home on Redwood Avenue.

She said the person who found her called Winnipeg police and officers took her to her mother’s house.

“I didn’t feel good the next day,” Hanslip said. “I was found naked. I don’t just walk, I go places naked. I had clothes.

She’s not sure exactly what happened, but Hanslip said she told the officers who arrested her that she was sexually assaulted.

Winnipeg police confirmed Thursday that they received a report of a sexual assault, but are unable to provide further details.

Unicity Taxi said it discovered the incident Thursday morning after someone shared a post Hanslip posted on Facebook on Wednesday.

Manmohan Gill, the director of Unicity Taxi, said the company was looking into his concerns.

“We have started to investigate and the process is still ongoing,” he told CTV News Winnipeg.

Gill said the driver who drove Hanslip remains at work, pending further investigation.

“Things like this shouldn’t happen,” Gill said. “If something happens like this, there should be justice if someone is guilty.”

No one has been charged and none of Hanslip’s allegations have been tested in court.

The City of Winnipeg rental car office has not received a formal complaint about the incident, but has pledged to investigate immediately.

Hanslip said she underwent a sexual assault exam at the Health Sciences Center on June 13 and now hopes investigators can get to the bottom of her concerns.

“I just hope more people come forward after hearing my story and I just want them to know they’re not alone,” Hanslip said.

Hanslip said she was scheduled to meet with officers from the Winnipeg Police Service on Thursday evening.

The city’s vehicle rental office has previously pointed out that in addition to cameras, there is also mandatory audio recording in taxis.

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