Wind chill near -40 possible overnight through Friday for some areas

Environment Canada has issued a severe cold warning for areas around Sault Ste. Marie for possible cold weather that develops overnight and Friday.

Areas to which the warning applies include:

  • Agawa – Lake Superior Park
  • Espanola – Killarney
  • Searchmont – Montreal River Harbor – Batchawana Bay
  • Wawa – Pukaskwa Park
  • White River – Dubreuilville

The wind chill at -40 is expected to last through Friday morning, with the possibility of similar conditions Friday evening and also Saturday morning.

“Bitterly cold arctic air will begin to pour over the area tonight,” the Environment Canada warning said. “Minimum temperatures around or below minus 30 in combination with moderate winds will bring the wind chill close to minus 40.”

At the expected temperatures, frostbite can develop on exposed skin within minutes

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