Weight Loss Transformations That Fans Criticized

90 Day Fiancé viewers usually like to applaud reality stars’ weight loss transformations, but three cast members don’t receive much love or praise.

Many 90 Day Fiance stars have stunned their fans with noteworthy weight loss makeovers, but there are a few cast members who have failed to impress despite their best efforts. Larissa Lima is on the top of the list when it comes to the 90DF stars who have completely changed their looks over the years. The Brazilian reality star now looks completely different from her time on the show, and most of her fans are okay with it. In fact, TLC viewers respect that 90DF‘s Larissa has been honest about all of her plastic surgeries.

Like Larissa, various other cast members have changed their appearances and received praise. Tiffany Franco underwent gastric sleeve surgery last year and has now lost over 70 pounds. Her newfound confidence and love for her body have made fans respect and support her.


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Brittany Banks is another famous but notorious 90 Day Fiance cast member who has inspired fans by changing her physical appearance. She knows a lot about diet and fitness, which is a big reason why many fans praised her recent weight loss. While viewers usually applaud reality stars’ weight loss makeovers, a few 90 Day Fiance cast members received negative comments after revealing their transformed bodies.

Angela Deem

Angela Deem 90 Day Fiance

She had one of the biggest weight loss makeovers in franchise history. The infamous 56-year-old star looked completely unrecognizable after breast reduction, liposuction, and gastric sleeve procedures. Unfortunately, her makeover failed to inspire fans, as many expressed that she inadvertently made herself look older. Plenty of 90 Day Fiance viewers felt that the popular meemaw looked much better before her surgery. After more candid photos of Angela surfaced online, some people remarked that she had aged drastically.

Big Ed Brown

He rarely gets compliments for his weight loss. In fact, he receives tons of negative comments if he claims that he has dropped some pounds. In July 2021, Ed posted a video on Instagram to show off his newly transformed physique. Ed also shared that he drinks an energy drink before hitting the gym. Many fans thought he was faking his weight loss as they couldn’t see a major difference in his body. He was also slammed for giving controversial workout advice, such as telling fans to drink sugary energy beverages.

Colt Johnson

Colt Johnson 90 Day Fiance- Happily Ever After-90 Day-The Single Life-weight-loss

He is another 90 Day Fiance star whose weight loss journey was criticized by a host of fans. The Las Vegas resident claimed that he worked out every day until he got tired, and said he was trying to tone his muscles. Even though Colt dropped about 40 pounds, his dramatic makeover was mocked by many people online. Colt from 90DF failed to impress fans with his weight loss because of his unkempt long hair, beard, and unflattering fashion choices.

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While Colt’s wife Vanessa Guerra expressed that her husband looked handsome, fans gave him a hard pass and didn’t acknowledge his transformed physique. People who follow 90DF hope that Colt, Angela, and Ed overlook the 90 Day Fiance fans’ criticism and continue to work towards their fitness goals.

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