Video: Ronnie Coleman Watch Powerlifting PRs

Training in Florida, the 8X mr. Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman misses the nature of competition after watching some powerlifting routines at the gym. The bodybuilding King recently took to YouTube to assist with some powerlifting techniques and workouts.

Few bodybuilders ever reach the heights that Ronnie Coleman has seen. Coleman has established himself as one of the hardest working bodybuilders in the industry. Legend has as many as eight Mr. Olympia titles collected in a sequential manner. The king remains an important figure in sport today.

8x mr.  Olympia Ronnie Coleman
8x mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman

With over 1.25 million subscribers on YouTube, Ronnie Coleman has built an empire with his knowledge of exercise and diets. Leading up to the new year, Coleman admits he’s gained 285 pounds thanks to a healthier lifestyle. The bodybuilding legend claims that stem cell treatments played a huge role in safely building up to 285 pounds in his twilight years.

8X mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman Spreads Powerlifting Knowledge To Young People – “Yeah Buddy”

On its popular YouTube channel, the 8X Mr. Olympia champion of the dedication of the younger powerlifters.

“I saw a lot of dedicated guys, you know, enjoy, you know, having fun and having fun. Start with a goal, and some of them achieve this, achieve them.

That’s what it’s all about. I always try to tell people that knowledge is power. The more you have, the better off you’ll be.” says Ronnie Coleman.

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While Ronnie Coleman Known for his success in bodybuilding, the legend has also made his mark in powerlifting. Given that he has competed in such a storied career, it’s no surprise that Coleman continued to strive for PRs and various records during his time as an avid contestant.

Ronnie Deadlifts
Ronnie Deadlifts

The bodybuilding star demonstrated that his muscles were more than just for show. Back in its heyday, Ronnie Coleman was determined to match his own deadlift record of 800lbs (2 reps) but this time his aim was to squat the 800lbs for 2 reps.

The mere fact that he attempted such a massive squat for the Olympia competition was shocking enough. Ultimately, the bodybuilding legend showed he can squat the monstrous weight, just like his 800-pound deadlift.

With such an incredible amount of raw power, you wonder how far Coleman would have gone had he pursued a career in only strength sports. After help in Florida with some powerlifting techniques, maybe consider the 8X Mr. Olympia champion yet a dive into strength sports.

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