Victoria ‘Can’t Stand’ Brooklyn’s New Wife After Their ‘Horrible’ Wedding Drama – ‘They Don’t Talk’

Family quarrel. The relationship between Victoria Beckham and Nicole Peltz is the mother-in-law bond they’ve come to expect. Nicola, actress and daughter of billionaire Nelson Peltz, is the wife of Victoria’s eldest son, Brooklyn Beckham. The couple tied the knot in April 2022 after three years of dating.

However, a source told Page Six on Aug. 4, 2022, that Brooklyn and Nicola’s wedding wasn’t the happy family event the Beckhams had hoped for — at least for her mother, Victoria, who had a contentious relationship with her daughter. daughter. -law even before Brooklyn and Nicola got married. “They don’t get along or talk to each other,” the insider said of Victoria and Nicola’s relationship. “The preparation for the wedding was horrible.”

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According to Page Six’s source, Victoria and Nicola’s drama began after Nicola decided she didn’t want her stepmom involved in “any part of the game.” [wedding] Planning.” The insider continued, “She wouldn’t give Victoria a clue about anything. Communication was minimal. The source added that the “non-stop little drama” between Victoria and Nicola has also affected Victoria and her husband David Beckham’s relationship with Brooklyn. “They haven’t spoken to him much for the past few months,” the insider said. The source also claimed that Brooklyn’s relationship with her parents only got worse after she published a cover of Nicola on Tatler magazine, which featured the headline: “The New Mrs. Beckham.”

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As to why Victoria and Nicola’s drama started in the first place, Page Six’s sources suspect Nicola is “jealous” of her mother-in-law and upset about the attention Victoria receives, especially during her wedding. . A source told the Daily Mail in July 2022 that guests found it odd that David and Victoria were not seated at the top table with Brooklyn and Nicola, as is British custom. “The top table was all Peltz and it really felt like the Beckhams weren’t front and center. It felt like the wedding was about the Peltz family, as you can imagine, because it was their house, daughter and son giving the speeches,” the insider said. Nicola also hasn’t worn a single item from Victoria’s fashion label, despite her three-day marriage. and included multiple outfits, which also led to rumors of a feud between the two.

In her interview with Tatler in June 2022, Nicola explained how Brooklyn, who dabbled in fashion like her mother before launching her own cooking show on Facebook Watch, Cooking with Brooklyn— felt “a lot of pressure to please people with his career and he didn’t like it.” She continued, “You can tell when Brooklyn is in the kitchen, he is in heaven. Since the pandemic, all he wants to talk about is being in the kitchen, so I started filming him one day. I said, ‘That’s what you like.’ ”

She continued, “Brooklyn gets into some really exciting stuff with his shows and it’s really sweet, I watch him call my dad and say, ‘What do you think? I love watching him learn from my dad.

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