Twitter reacts after Halle Berry says she wants to play Zendaya’s mom

halle berry zendaya

halle berry zendaya

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After Halle Berry said she wants to play Zendaya’s mom in a future role, Twitter is full of ideas and jokes about what a movie with the two is like award winning actresses can lead.

The Twitter chat started after Berry said on the latest episode of Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast that she plans to star in a project with Zendaya because the 25-year-old actress is an industry gem.

“I have a plan,” Berry said on Jan. 7. “I would like to play her mother. I have an idea, because I think she is the future.”

When a Twitter user suggested a hypothetical movie starring the two actresses called “Losing Zendaya,” a play from the 1995 movie Berry starred in called Losing Isaiah, the bruised star lacked words.

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In the answers, users let their imaginations run wild with other possible plots that they would like to see as Berry and Zendaya in a movie. For example, one user wrote, “How about some fantasy for a change? Halle descends from a secret coven of New Orleans witches, but since then… [she] left that life… Zendaya is raised with no knowledge of her mother’s powers/history until hers starts at school.’

Another said: “I HAVE IT. The sequel I REALLY NEED. Okay, so after Kill Bill. Black Mamba kills Copperhead and the child is left in the kitchen. Black Mamba tells her, “If you ever want revenge, I understand.” Cut to now. Child adopted, trained for years [and] plot her revenge.”

What do you think – are you interested in seeing Zendaya and Berry on the big screen together?

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