Traveler used AirTag to track lost luggage for 5 days after flight from Toronto

Air traveler Kelly Laing was flying from Toronto to Saint John, N.B., late last month on a flight she often takes between the two cities, but this time her checked bags went missing.

“It’s an hour and a half flight. I was there early, ready to go. I checked my only bag of luggage for this flight, I took the airline. It was still a little delayed. I landed in Saint John, got off right away, went to baggage claim and my bags weren’t there,” said Laing, who noted that she wasn’t the only one whose bag had not arrived.

“There were about 30 to 50 of us who didn’t have our bags…the Memorial Cup was in Saint John which is a huge hockey tournament here in Canada and I know a lot of people on that flight came for the game and even their luggage was lost,” she added.

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Luckily for Laing, she had thought ahead and placed an Apple AirTag in her suitcase.

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“The first thing I did was open my phone, look for my AirTag to find my luggage, and I could see its location said Toronto Pearson,” she said.

Laing is an avid golfer who travels often for sports and has started placing Apple AirTags in her golf bags so she can track items.

“Golf equipment is quite expensive…These items tend to disappear or get lost. They are just irregular objects,” she said.

On this particular trip from Toronto to Saint John, Laing decided to put an AirTag in his suitcase for “peace of mind.”

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“I thought I’d put it in my own luggage because of all the Canadian domestic flight delays and cancellations lately and I’m so glad I did,” she explained.

Laing made a series of videos and posted them on TikTok as she described the nearly week-long journey of her checked luggage from Toronto.

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“So it’s an Apple AirTag, I have it in this little holder with this little clip that keeps it secure, it’s also personalized with my initial. You can see here it says Apple AirTag and it is awesome and I wouldn’t travel without one,” Laing said in one of many TikTok videos.

An Apple AirTag costs around $40 and tech expert Kris Abel explained how exactly they work.

“It occasionally emits a wireless signal – a tiny little beacon, as Apple calls it – just to let any nearby iPhone or smartphone know it’s near and ideally your phone is always listening. just to let you know this thing is okay,” he said.

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Abel said AirTags can be especially helpful in making users feel comfortable knowing their belongings are safe.

“It’s one of the big sources of anxiety which is, ‘Oh, do I have all my stuff? Do I have my passport? You know, that kind of stuff. So it’s always a sort of reassurance of, “Oh, well, yes, I have it,” he said.

The AirTags don’t need to be recharged, Abel said, because they run on a battery that can last about a year.

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“It will let you know when that battery is low and you need to replace it. But a year is a very long time for something that sends a signal. Of course, it doesn’t use that signal all the time like your phone does, but a year is really long and that’s quite reassuring,” he added.

When Laing landed in Saint John and discovered her luggage was missing, she said airport officials were unable to provide an explanation. Laing also said she tried to contact Air Canada, but had to wait two hours.

“No notification from Air Canada, no email telling us about our luggage. The only thing I had was this tracker and if I didn’t have it I would probably worry a lot more,” he said. she declared.

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For five days, Laing said he tracked his luggage on his iPhone, using the AirTag.

“On the Find My Device app, you can see exactly where your luggage is, where that AirTag is. So I watched it for five days. Pearson day one: not moving; day two: not moving; third day: not moved…luckily on the fifth day I saw that he had arrived in Moncton and then he went to Saint John,” she said.

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Laing then drove to the airport, presented her ID card to airport officials, and collected her luggage.

“I was lucky to have a tracker in there,” Laing said.

Global News contacted Air Canada for comment on this story but did not receive a response.

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