Toronto is getting a ‘ghost’ escape room next month and you’re actually setting sail

You’ve probably tried or at least heard of a regular escape room, but have you ever heard of it on a real ship?

Torontonians will be able to hit the high seas (or at least Lake Ontario) this spring and live out their pirate fantasies in real life.

Escape The Ghost Ship returns to Toronto on May 7, 2022 and you can embark on an hour and 15 minute adventure and put your problem solving skills to the test.

The unique escape room experience includes “spooky curses, puzzles, and character involvement,” and while finding your way can be tricky, the experience is still appropriate for families, according to the website. .

So while the puzzles may be challenging for children under 12, the characters onboard work to “enhance the experience and make the game enjoyable for everyone”.

The escape room plot follows a crew who set out to rob an abandoned ship from the harbor, but in a chilling turn of events the ship turns out to be “Barnacle Beth’s cursed ghost ship. “.

Players will need to “loot the lost treasure Beth left behind” before the curse comes for them and escape the game before the ship docks.

Tickets for the event are $59 per person and the experience will run until October 31, 2022.

Escape the ghost ship

Price: $59 per person

When: May 7 to October 31, 2022

Address: 585 Queens Quay W. Toronto, ON.

Why you need to go: To try to escape while you board!


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