Toronto hotel and restaurant to be replaced by 54-story condo tower

A much-loved boutique hotel known for its quirky room designs and ground floor restaurant. The newest slice of Toronto culture is in danger of being replaced by a high-flying condo tower.

A new development filing reveals plans for a glitzy new condominium development that would require the demolition of The Anndore House hotel and restaurant Constantine at 15 Charles Street East.

The redevelopment plans would also mean the end of Ehwa Restaurant at 16 Isabella Street, although this part of the site would be used to create a new park to the south of the proposed tower.

None of the affected property owners or businesses on the chopping block have responded to blogTO’s requests for comment at this time.

15 charles east

View of the existing hotel building, looking southwest across Charles Street East. Photo by Jack Landau.

The plan, proposed by owners Silver Hotel Group and Republic Developments, calls for the demolition of the existing 11-storey hotel building, built in the 1950s as the Anndore Hotel & Apartments and more recently in use as a Comfort Inn before it became a got a black coat. paint and its current identity in 2018.

In place of the hotel building, the proposal seeks approval for the construction of a beautiful new 54-storey tower block, designed by the architectural firm IBI Group. Copper-tone finishes and a unique profile with a rounded roofline distinguish this proposal from other square towers in the area and promise a striking bookend for the skyscraper canyon that has sprung up along Charles Street East in recent years.

15 charles east

Looking southwest toward 15 Charles Street East. Rendering by IBI Group.

From the 48th floor, the tower’s upper floors taper from Yonge Street, a direct response to the city’s demands for facades to fall within a 75-degree angle plane extending from the main thoroughfare below.

If that tapered shape sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s the exact same approach used to resolve the top floors of a similar condo tower under construction a few blocks south at 8 Wellesley.

15 charles east

Looking south towards Charles Street East 15. Rendering by IBI Group.

And you can expect many more similar designs to follow in the coming years as developers and architects are forced to conform to these restrictive design policies.

In defense of these rules, such policies are designed to help preserve Yonge’s existing character, and similar guidelines have helped shape the tiered “wedding cake” skyscrapers of early 20th-century Manhattan.

A 54th floor penthouse unit, suggested in renderings and blueprints, would be a towering three bedroom unit occupying the entire floor, offering an exclusive buyer a huge suite with its own private elevator entrance and terrace that stands out among the views of the west of the tower facade.

This is just one of 549 condo units slated to fill the tower, though most will be much smaller than the lavish penthouse on the crown. The unit distribution includes a pair of studios, 390 one bedroom units, 98 two bedroom units and 59 three bedroom units.

While there may not be enough space to replace the much-loved Constantine restaurant, a small 146-square-foot retail space is planned to be on the ground floor.

15 charles east

The tower would rise from a seven-storey base. Rendering by IBI Group.

The neighborhood would lose a few restaurants and a hotel that has attracted a trendy crowd since opening just a few years ago, although the current location of Ehwa Restaurant at 16 Isabella Street would be cleared for a 150-square-foot public park dedication, the existing George Hislop Park as a benefit to the surrounding community.


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