Top Cardio Exercises That Melt Belly Fat Fast, Trainer Says – Eat This, Not That

Having extra belly fat is hard to manage and even harder to lose. If one of your main fitness goals is to get rid of belly fat, there are several things you need to make sure you’re doing right. First, maintaining a healthy diet when in a calorie deficit is crucial, including eating healthy carbs. According to the Cleveland Clinic, you’ll want to avoid processed carbs and choose complex carbs, such as brown rice, beans, 100% whole-grain pasta, and whole-grain bread. Make sure you get enough sleep to improve your immune system, productivity, and morale. Limit your alcohol intake, as excessive alcohol consumption can increase belly fat. Try to reduce your stress level, as cortisol (your stress hormone) can promote weight gain. Make sure you do regular weight training and, last but not least, do your cardio exercises and you’ll melt belly fat fast.

While diet and strength training are both extremely important to achieving your goal, doing the right types of cardio will benefit you greatly throughout the process to melt belly fat fast. Most people who do cardio only focus on being in a slow, steady state for long periods of time. While it can be good for general activity and heart health, it’s important to up the intensity and mix it up when trying to burn belly fat. If you do the same cardio routine at the same pace and distance, your body adapts to it and eventually becomes more efficient during the activity. When this happens, you end up burning fewer calories than usual for the same amount of work, which is why most people who just do the same cardio have such a hard time losing fat.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a combination exercise approach, incorporating cardio for at least 1.5 hours per week, combined with strength training, is integral to losing belly fat. Cardio provides the metabolic boost you need while you exercise and keeps going for a while after.

In order to jumpstart your fat loss, I recommend mixing in higher intensity cardio activities, such as interval work. For intervals, you can mix it in between your strength training sessions or as a standalone activity on non-training days. Incorporate the following cardio exercises into your routine to melt belly fat, and then check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong, Toned Arms in 2022, the trainer says.


Get on a rowing machine and warm up for a minute or two. Once you’ve warmed up, sprint hard for 60 seconds and see how many yards you can row in that time. Then rest for 3-5 minutes, then do another round of 60 seconds, trying to match the same distance as your first sprint. Repeat for 5 rounds in total.

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Start by jumping on the stairlift, turn it on and start climbing. If you’re a beginner, go at a comfortable pace that you can sustain for at least 15-20 minutes. Once you’ve built up more stamina (or if you’re a little more intermediate), you can increase speed or climb for at least 30 minutes.

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bike sprints
Tim Liu, CSCS

First, you’ll want to warm up properly by cruising at a comfortable pace for 2 minutes. Once you’re ready, start sprinting as hard as you can for 15-20 seconds. Once you’ve sprinted, cruise at a slow pace for 20-40 seconds, then repeat again for 6-10 laps.

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If you have access to a sled in your gym, start by loading it with a light weight (a 45-pound weight if there is only one slot or two 25-pound weights if there are two). ). If you’re new to the exercise, grab the sled high on the handles with your arms straight. Push the sled 20-40 yards one way, then back, with your body at a 45 degree angle to the bars at all times. Keep your eyes on the ground as you push. Rest for 2-5 minutes before performing another set, aiming for 3-5 sets of 20-40 yards each.

Tim Liu, CSCS

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