The Ten Year Plan to Raise the Children of Georges River | St George & Sutherland Shire Leader

Georges River Council has a ten-year vision to support the future learning and wellbeing of local children.

The council cares for about 440 children in the six pre-school centers.

To guide their future learning needs, the Georges River Council Draft Early Learning Strategy 2021-31 is now on view for feedback until 30 January 2022.

Collaborative learning, early decision-making, greater responsibility for animal care, multilingual learning, sports training and development are all on the drawing board in the design strategy.

Georges River Mayor Nick Katris said there is a lot of evidence that early educational programs and play-based learning provide a solid foundation for child development.

“The evidence has prompted us to develop a strategy and principles that reflect the values ​​and needs of our local families,” he said.

“Our principles aim to break down barriers and embrace differences, to build a culture that supports and values ​​the participation of children and young people and their right to be heard.

“Feedback will ensure that our new vision meets the current and future needs of our community.”

The design strategy presents a series of short, medium and long term actions to deliver a service that is accessible, inclusive, consistent and innovative:

The Council plans to expand its services with an additional, inclusive center that supports vulnerable children and children with special needs, encouraging collaborative learning between families and children.

Emphasize the diverse background of the local community.

Nearly half – 46 per cent of Georges River’s children aged 0-9 speak a language other than English, which is significantly higher than the 32 per cent average in greater Sydney.

The Council aims to create an environment where early childhood education comes in many forms, with productive interaction in different languages, personalities or methodologies that will stimulate children.

“We emphasize the history of our country and ensure that children are informed and educated about our traditional stewards. We promote a respectful culture where the children participate in a recognition of the country every morning,” said one spokesperson for the municipality.

Child-oriented services

The municipality provides materials and programs with which children can learn through play. These programs are suited to children’s individual interests and developmental needs, including:

Gardening and Sustainability Initiatives

Sports and gross motor programs that will guide children’s awareness of structured play

Care for animals in the centers including: native bees, chickens, tadpoles and fish

Establishing relationships with local community nursing homes

Language development, music and dance lessons.

Copies of the concept are also available at Council Libraries, Early Learning Centers, and the Hurstville Civic Center.



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