The Surprising Benefit This Supplement Has On Your Kidneys, According To A New Study – Eat This, Not That

Experts have identified some of the best nutrients for each type of organ, and anyone who wants to improve their kidney health can look out for certain foods. According to Prospect Medical, dark leafy greens contain high levels of vitamin A, C, K, calcium, and other compounds and minerals essential for kidney health. Cabbage also contains many of these nutrients, but also contains phytochemicals that break down free radicals, while the colorful berries provide your kidneys with the same nourishing vitamins and potentially prevent problems with their high antioxidant content.

On the other hand, dietitians have found that certain nutrients cause kidney health issues, especially for those living with different forms of kidney disease. The Cleveland Clinic reports that dietary sodium, potassium, and phosphorus should all be monitored and controlled if you’re having kidney problems, and fruits like melon, bananas, and oranges should be limited.

While experts generally agree on what you should and shouldn’t eat to improve your kidney health, scientists are constantly learning more about nutrition, and a groundbreaking study has the potential to shake up the concept of kidney health. A study from Science Daily found that low doses of lithium have the potential to interfere with an enzyme that causes kidney aging and decline. The results need to be replicated in other studies, but it appears that lithium may have the potential to slow the aging process in the kidneys.


In the past, scientists have correlated lithium with the longevity of fruit flies and roundworms, and even postulated that adding lithium to tap water could help people live longer. Researchers found that in the recent study, mice treated with a lithium compound had better kidney health than the control group, while a group of psychiatric patients who used lithium drugs also reported better kidney health. kidney health than those who had not received lithium therapy. -medications.

In psychiatric medicine, an effective dose of lithium is very close to a lethal dose, but when it comes to kidney health, a small amount can have the potential to do a lot.

Science has already discovered that lithium supplements have the potential to do a lot of good. Lithium orotate can boost the immune system, improve metabolism, improve brain health, stimulate brain cell regeneration and more, according to Age Management Institute. If future studies confirm the latest findings, it now looks like experts can add extended kidney lifespan to any benefits that lithium can add to the supplementation routine.

Keeping track of your diet and nutrients can be very helpful in ensuring that your kidneys stay healthy for years to come. Check your diet against popular diets that can damage your kidneys to make sure you’re eating well.

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