The pros and cons of being in Vancouver or Victoria, according to locals

People on the BC Reddit page are realizing how Vancouver and Victoria compare – and it’s actually really helpful for anyone considering a move.

Even if you’re only coming for a trip to British Columbia, the cities are very different, so choose wisely.

There are key differences in the landscapes, things to do, and people of popular tourist destinations.

While both have their pros and cons, one city obviously came out on top in the Reddit thread.

Some users have made it clear that Vancouver essentially has more to offer.

The mountains were a big pro for Vancouver. After all, why live on the west coast if not to ski?

There were a few iconic catchphrases thrown into the thread.

One user said, “Victoria is the city of the newlyweds and nearly dead (referring to the large student and retired population).”

They added that Victoria’s character is “an acquired taste, some love it, some hate it. Vancouver has all the social amenities you would expect from a big city. The two share an equal outdoor vibe, there are always many people looking to do outdoor recreation with others.”

Being on an island can be beautiful, but it has its downsides.

One user said “It’s expensive to get in and out of the island. From plane tickets to ferries.”

They also said that in Vancouver you have Whistler and Squamish nearby which is a huge plus.

BC Ferries is a fun activity, but people don’t seem to like having to take it all the time.

From an activity standpoint, Vancouver also beat Victoria.

Some people got a little gloomy.

Also – this sentence actually seems like a thing?

In the end, it really depends on the lifestyle you are looking for.

Overall, it was clear that Vancouver was the winner — sorry Victoria!

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