The only way eating healthy and exercising will help you live longer

New research sheds light on a sad reality no matter how much you train or how healthy you eat, a longer life will only happen if you do these two things together.

The large study was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine and counters the popular belief that exercise eliminates some of the risks of unhealthy eating or that eating healthy things prevents staying in bed all day.

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The researchers had plenty of data, which enabled them to publish an in-depth study that shed light on many issues. The data belonged to UK Biobank and came from more than 350,000 people with a median age of 57, who completed questionnaires about their diet and habits. At the start of the study, the participants were in good health.

The study made expected findings, such as learning that participants who eat healthy and exercise often have a lower mortality risk. Still, the results highlighted that a healthy diet and frequent exercise were independently important.

“Physical activity is important. And no matter how active you are, diet matters,” said study lead author Dr. Melody Ding.

While it seems obvious to emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and an active lifestyle when so many sources do, our world often ties these two together, confusing people. Workout culture often promotes unhealthy meals as a reward for a good workout or healthy eating as a way to lose weight without having to exercise.

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What you eat and how often you move are issues that have been intertwined in our culture for decades. They shouldn’t be. It is important for people to be determined on both issues, indulging in rest and cravings from time to time, while maintaining a balance between healthy eating and physical activity.

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