The Dodgers’ signature latte is back in Dunkin’ – NBC Los Angeles

Seasonal sips, those pop-up treats and on-the-go libations, are often themed for a specific holiday or occasion.

And enjoy them all? We do, to drink a coffee topped with cinnamon mousse in the fall, or something chocolatey and scrumptious around Valentine’s Day, sounds like a sweet treat these days.

But only one local Dunkin’ drink is inspired by the call to play ball, the Blue Crew, and that magical time of year when the grass is freshly mown, the diamond has a certain sparkle and all eyes are on it. on a stadium near the city center.

It’s the Dodgers Signature Latte, and it’s just returned, for a limited time, to Dunkin’ stores around Los Angeles.

So what’s in the timely treat? The Dodgers’ drink is a “…crisp blueberry latte made with Dunkin’s espresso and topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and cinnamon sugar.”

Dunkin’ kicked off the 2022 Tasty Race of the Celebration Sip on April 27.

Which happens to be the same day that a new Dodgers-themed mural at the Dunkin’ store in Downey was unveiled.

And there’s a new contest going on: take a picture in front of the mural and add #DodgersRunOnDunkin and you’ll be entered into a limited-time giveaway.

The prices ? Dodgers tickets (yay, it’s a four-pack) and a $500 Dunkin’ gift card.

The week-long contest opened on Thursday, April 28, so you’ll want to stop by the Downey Dunkin’, located at 9070 Firestone Boulevard, to have your photo taken at the mural as soon as possible.

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