Texas has the lowest average gas price of any US state: AAA

Gas prices in Texas continue to fall.

As of Sunday, Aug. 7, the national average was $4.07 and the state average was $3.57, according to AAA.

In Travis County, the average was slightly higher at $3.64.

But in Austin, some gas stations were selling regular gasoline for $2.99 ​​a gallon — a welcome relief after the past two months.

“I was even riding my bike even though it was super hot outside,” said Katie Folger, who let her tank fill up all the way on Sunday. “Before, I only wanted to put in a certain amount; I didn’t want to fill the tank because it looked like such a bump.”

Last week, crude oil prices hit their lowest point since Russia invaded Ukraine. According to AAA, the decline is due to a number of factors, including lower demand and increased regional supply.

“It’s great, especially because I travel,” Albert Wilson said Sunday as he returned to Temple. “I don’t need to put $25 to $30 in my tank just to go 10 miles.”

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