Sydney Theater Company’s Triple X delivers a knockout punch

That being said, triple X is by no means a one-woman show. Chase weaves five lives together into one ensemble in which each character gets a breathtaking moment.

Glace Chase's Triple X is based on her life experiences.

Glace Chase’s Triple X is based on her life experiences. Credit:Prudence Upton

First and foremost, there’s Scott, played by Josh McConville with a fearless and startling vulnerability that will leave you breathless. Then there’s Jase, Scott’s seedy but lovable best man (played on opening night by Anthony Taufa, replacing Elijah Williams).

There’s Scott’s sister, Claire (Contessa Treffone), a boisterous proud lesbian who was initially enchanted by her brother’s affair. And there’s their mother Deb, a feverish, bubbly Christian O’Leary, who brings the house down in a climactic – in every sense of the word – scene, where she is an accidental witness to Scott and Dexie’s loud and virtuoso lovemaking.

Deb’s haunted expressions upstairs, played in parallel with the ecstasy below, reflect the audience’s experience of coming face to face with a radical truth. It’s not exactly comfortable to look at, but you can’t look away.


In her program note, Chase hints that this may not be the end of the story. If that means we might hear more about Scott and Dexie, and experience more of Chase’s tough and brilliant stories, then that’s good news indeed.

Until February 26

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