SPINAL TAP Drummer RIC PARNELL dead at 70

Eric Parnellwho played Mick Shrimpthe drummer of VERTICAL REMINDER in the mockumentary “It’s Spinal Tap”died at the age of 70. parnell was also a former member of ATOMIC COCKa 1970s British hard rock/progressive rock band fronted by keyboardist extraordinaire Vincent Crane.

Rick played drums on solo albums for BIRDMAN RADIOit is Single Sea, who paid tribute to his friend in a social media post on Sunday, May 1. He wrote: “Eric Parnell died early this morning.

“From day one, meeting him, I found him endearing, warm and delightfully funny. We immediately hit it off as pals. He had a cheerful spirit that made you feel good just being with him. him.

RickThe incredible story of in the world of music is well known. I had the great privilege of working with Rick on three albums. The time spent in the studio was laid back, fun and filled with stories and humor. Rick never actually prepared for a session, but would find the rhythm and arrangement on the spot. He was like ‘How’s the next song going?’ I played it to him on a guitar, and he thought about it for a minute. So he was like, ‘Okay! I found something.’ Then he nailed it in one or two takes, and it was as perfect as it gets.

Rick was one of a kind. He lives in his music and in our hearts.”

parnell big break came in 1984 when he starred as Mick Shrimp in “It’s Spinal Tap”. His character was part of a long line of unfortunate drummers who all perish through freak accidents, his own fate being spontaneous combustion.

In a 2007 interview with Missulian, he explained how he landed the role: “The first question they asked was, ‘How do you feel about a movie that’s going to tear your career apart? I said, ‘You should have made this movie about 10 years ago.’ They then asked me what other bands I had been in, and I said, “Well, I was in a band called ATOMIC COCK.’ They looked at each other and said, “Yeah, that’s it, you’re our man. “”

According to Wikipedia, parnell stay with VERTICAL REMINDER when it became a working group, recording a soundtrack album and promoting the film with live shows and a 1984 appearance on “Saturday Night Live”. The character of Mick Shrimp having died in “It’s Spinal Tap”, parnell assumed the role of his “twin brother” drummer Ric Shrimpton for the group’s appearances after the film. This continued throughout the band’s 1992 reunion album “Breeze Like the Wind” and the associated concert tour. parnell was not part of more recent VERTICAL REMINDER activity.

Ric Parnell died early this morning.

From the first day, when I met him, I found him endearing, warm and deliciously…

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