See Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling Together as Rodeo Barbie & Ken

Barbie may be saying “hello” at the rodeo!

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling finally united on the set of the next Barbie film, as seen in the first photos of the co-stars together in costume.

Playing the iconic Barbie and Ken duo, the actors were seen dressed in perfect Western attire, wearing matching cowboy hats and pink bandanas while filming in Brentwood, California. Margot, showing off her long blonde hair, wore a pink button-up vest and flared pants with lace-up detailing.

Meanwhile, a platinum blonde Ryan was seen in a black cowboy jacket with white fringe and a floral pattern. The duo smiled and chatted with the director Greta Gerwigwho also channeled Barbie’s style with her own pink jumpsuit.

Although the actors have worked hard to film, they still have time to rest and re-caffeinate. On June 21, Margot was spotted backstage at the Mattel-inspired film carrying an iced coffee.

The suicide squad The actress said she can’t wait to put her spin on the classic doll and wants to have a “positive impact” on children.

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