Rebel Wilson talks about the unexpected benefits of weight loss

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When Rebel Wilson started her “healthy year” in 2020, she knew she was likely to lose weight and kick some unhealthy habits. What is the Perfect the actress did not initially realize how much she would earn.

“When I was heavier it was a bit like a barrier. In some ways that barrier protected me from things, but now that it’s gone I’m a lot more raw as a person,” said she told Yahoo Life. “It had the unexpected benefit of helping my game, because I don’t have anything protecting me, I’m believed. I have two movies coming out this year, the Netflix comedy Secondary year and serious drama The almond and the seahorse, and I feel like between those two films, this is the best work I’ve done to date. I’m just weirdly a much better actress, and I never thought that would be a side benefit.

Wilson, who recently hosted the BAFTAs, also calls herself “late” at 42.

“I feel better than ever,” she notes. “It’s not just about my outward appearance, but how I feel about myself. I think beauty comes in all forms. There were times when I rocked the red carpet in a size 18, size 20, and you could see in the pictures, I was really confident and I loved myself, but I secretly knew that I was engaging in unhealthy eating behaviors, and that’s what I wanted on So now, because I’m a healthier person, it shows. A lot of my friends say that even though I was confident before, I’ve got a newfound confidence.

Wilson’s “healthy year” has given way to a “hot girl’s summer,” she says. The star reveals that she is currently seeing someone.

“Hot Girls Summer has been so successful that I’m out of the market,” Wilson shares. “So, I won’t be doing Sexy Girls Summer this year. I hope I’ll be in a happy and successful relationship.”

Wilson is also embarking on a whole new adventure: she is currently undergoing fertility treatments in hopes of having a family of her own, which she first spoke about in 2021 and which partly inspired her decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Wilson has PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), which makes the process all the more difficult.

“I just know I still have eggs, so I can always try and still have a chance, but it’s a real emotional roller coaster, where you think you might make it and it doesn’t happen that way,” Wilson, who says she is also considering surrogacy, explains. “Having a family would be great, if I’m lucky enough to have that. I will have to see. Unfortunately, I don’t know where this will take us, but I have tried for the past few years. I really sympathize with everyone going through this.

She now encourages other women to consider their fertility options as well.

“I would say to all young women, even if you are career women, like me – I just didn’t think I would want children – if you have the ability to freeze your eggs, it just gives you a lot more possibilities “, she says.

Rebel Wilson and Jane Goodall talk forest bathing in a new video for HP. (Photo: HP)

Wilson is also looking to the future in terms of helping the planet. She is currently working with HP on their Plant a Tree With HP campaign, which is in partnership with Dr. Jane Goodall’s Jane’s Green Hope and the Arbor Day Foundation. Every HP purchase by June helps plant 1 million trees.

“They give back and support the environment by planting trees because it’s nature’s best way to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help the environment,” she says. “So it’s really, really great that they’re doing this.”

She adds that while she’s already set one-year goals that benefit her life, like her “healthy year,” she hopes to adjust her plans for 2022.

“I think 2022 should be ‘the year to give back,'” she says. “And part of that is the environment. Being Australians, we care about our environment. We’re outdoors a lot and we love it so working with Dr Jane Goodall and HP has been just amazing.

the JoJo Rabbit The actress is happy to be entering a new phase in her life – a phase where she makes no apologies for sometimes not being so polite.

“Now that I’m in my 40s, what I’m least sorry about are the times when I’m ‘wild’. It’s an Australian word – it’s when you’re not in your hair, your hair is in mess, you don’t have any makeup on,” she explains. “Before, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t want people to see me like this. Now I’m like, ‘You know what? If you come to my house, I’ll just be wild, in my natural state. I’m not going to [have] claims, or something like that.

While there are plenty of projects she’s eager to say yes to, like her latest initiative with HP, she’s also proud to feel comfortable with the word “no.”

“If there’s something you don’t want to do or anything, I’m just like, ‘No’. You don’t have to make up an excuse. Before, I was like, ‘Oh, let me check my schedule,” she said. “I’m just gaining my own power in a way, so I can be like, ‘Oh, is this something I really want to do or not ? And if not, so be it.

—Video produced by Stacy Jackman.

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