Rare images of the psychedelic jellyfish’s luminescent tentacles as it soars across the Pacific Ocean


Photography Science

#jellyfish #underwater #video

January 11, 2022

Grace Ebert


The findings from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute continue to amaze us: New images from a recent ROV dive in the midnight zone of Monterey Canyon in the Pacific Ocean capture the incredibly rare psychedelic jellyfish and its vibrant body. First discovered in 2018, the elusive creature has luminescent spindly tentacles that, when floating in water, resemble colorful trails of light rather than gelatinous appendages. The images show glimpses of both male and female specimens and their various body parts, and you may also want to check out this phantom jellyfish and its 33-foot limbs. (via Smiling Squid)

#jellyfish #underwater #video

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