Paul McCartney rocks Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena

If any Seattleites still resented Paul McCartney (who’s kidding Macca?) for skipping Emerald City on his 2019 Freshen Up Tour, jumping from Vancouver to San Jose, they can finally put him to bed. Sir Paul made his return to Seattle on Monday, opening a two-night stand at Climate Pledge Arena.

The Beatles co-founder kicked off his Got Back tour a few nights earlier in Spokane, a city where McCartney had never played before. The opening race puts Washington at the center of McCartney’s return to the road for the first time since the pandemic began.

The name of the Got Back tour isn’t a nod to a certain rap hero from Seattle (odd as that is), but a reference to a promise Sir Paul made on his last tour. “I said at the end of the last tour that I would see you next time. I said I would come back to you. Well, I’m back!” McCartney said in a press release announcing the tour.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the name also ties in with the title of Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary, “Get Back,” which hit Disney+ last fall.

Come back for our review on Tuesday morning.

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