‘Outlander’ Season 6, Episode 8 Recap: I’m Not Alone


I’m not alone

Season 6

Episode 8

Editor’s note

4 stars

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Last time we left Claire and Jamie they were dealing with some unwanted visitors on the ridge. Robert Brown and his ‘safety committee’ have arrived to arrest Claire for Malva’s murder – you just know whiny little Allan had something to do with it, this guy is the real worst – and say they plan to take him to Salisbury for a ‘fair’ tryout. Jamie is just like, it’s cute but fuck you, which is the appropriate response to this fictitious arrest. Everyone knows that Robert was looking for any excuse to get revenge on the Frasers for the death of his monster brother and letting Claire go with them is an immediate death sentence. So Claire’s not going anywhere, thank you very much.

And then the Browns begin to besiege the Big House. Claire shoots a guy who thinks women can’t use guns – joke on him! We get this cool shot from the opening credits which follows Claire as she quickly storms out of the house with her gun! The Frasers take refuge in their house while the bullets fly! Jamie is like, we’re gonna need more guns, and folks, they have a whole secret arsenal of guns in the basement! Did anyone know it was there? I did not do it ! They proceed to defend shit out of their house. Are they both that good at it or are the Browns that bad? We do not care! Jamie and Claire have never been this hot together and that’s saying something because they’re not even having sex. Still.

As night falls, filming stops. Jamie worries that their enemies will burn the house down to smoke them out or burn them alive because “that’s what [he] would,” which is, like, very dark, my man. They have this obituary about their death in a house fire at some point looming over their heads, so it’s possible. All Claire and Jamie can do is wait sexy by the fire. At this point you might be wondering, uh, where the hell is everyone, can someone help these very nice people who help everyone and get nothing in return except false murder charges and multiple stoning attempts? Big question! Jamie suspects that Ian must be out hunting or he would definitely be there. He knows Mrs. Bug, Lizzie and one of her husbands (lol) ran away for help, so maybe some of the ridge’s most loyal residents will arrive soon.

And, of course, just last week, we saw Bree, Roger, and Jemmy leave for seminary so Roger could be ordained because those three always have to be high maintenance. In fact, while the meat of the episode is the tense, wild drama that Claire and Jamie go through, it also cuts a few scenes of Roger and Bree on their journey: they talk about when to tell Jemmy about time travel. , there’s a sex scene that feels more like a time filler than anything, and there’s everything about shaving Jemmy’s head after he finds lice and finds out he has a mark on it , as does Roger, confirming that he is biologically his son. None of this is as interesting as what happens with Jamie and Claire, and yet Foreign insists on trying to make Roger and Bree a reality. It’s not going to happen. It’s not a new idea, in or out of these recaps, to remember that the biggest strength of this show is the chemistry between Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan and therefore the best scripts and scenes are those with Claire and Jamie together . For the most part, it seemed like season six really built on that, giving us some really standout one-on-one moments between the two of them, including long conversations that really let these two characters breathe with such a story. rich. Shoving that Roger and Bree stuff into an otherwise intense and emotional episode felt like a throwback. Like, I know Roger is super hot this season – they can shave their heads, but they don’t shave that beard! His money maker! – but I never need to hear a man say “vroom, vroom” before fucking his wife, okay?

We actually get another one of those silent conversations between Claire and Jamie in this episode — yes, between all the shooting, screaming, and contemplating their impending death, the Frasers are talking. Of course, it’s mostly about how a fortune teller told Jamie he had nine lives and then they listed all the times he nearly died – the guy has up to five experiences of imminent death ! Four more! — but something about the stillness amid the chaos before and after is oddly comforting.

Finally, who should ride to the big house to cause more trouble than those damn fishermen. Honestly, who invited these people holier than you? If you don’t like Jamie and Claire, please stop living on their land. These people are the worst, led by the very hard-hitting Hiram Crombie and this lady who seems to show up only to literally throw rocks (some people love to accuse other people of being witches, and if that’s her problem, qu so be it), and in hopes of “more bloodshed”, they want to broker a deal between Robert Brown and Jamie. My blood is boiling! And I hope that once Claire and Jamie are cleared of all these stupid accusations, the fishermen will get out of town. We don’t want your fish and we don’t want your baseless and hypocritical judgement!

Even though some reinforcements are clearly showing #TeamFraser, Jamie and Claire know they’re outnumbered. They really have no choice but to go with the security committee. And since some people are blaming Claire for Malva’s murder and others (okay, just Allan, how sus) are blaming Jamie, they decide that they’ll both go together and can protect each other. In a surprising turn of events, they will also be protected by Tom Christie, who insists that Robert Brown keep his promise to seek only justice. Tom doesn’t look well. Maybe this man knows the truth about Malva’s death and she eats him alive? I mean, I’m just guessing.

Tom also gets Robert Brown to agree to let Jamie and Claire spend one last night in their own beds, which of course means the fucking end of the world. Jamie and Claire have perfected this over the years, so yeah, no notes, very moving. The big takeaway here, though, is that something is seriously wrong with Tom Christie.

On the road, with Jamie and Claire held up in a boxcar as the Committee heads to a town that will tempt Claire (it will eventually be Wilmington), Tom does some weird shit. And by weird shit, I mean he… takes care of Claire? And look at her tenderly from afar? And keep Robert Brown to his promise? It gives me goosebumps! It’s a good thing he’s up to everything he does because things get messy: Brown spread the message that Claire was a ruthless killer all over town, and ultimately it gets on my nerves so much people throwing rocks (people love to throw rocks in those days!) and yelling at the Frasers as they pass through villages and camps. It quickly gets out of control. On top of that, Brown’s men are restless. They didn’t sign up for a long trip or give Claire a fair trial. Brown loses control of it and it spins. During a water stop, the men attack Jamie and separate the two. It’s so sad! The two scream for each other! Gah! It’s bad!

It’s wild, but Claire’s saving grace is Tom Christie, who refuses to leave her. Brown brings her to Wilmington jail to await trial – he’s clearly in cahoots with the sheriff – and it’s Tom who offers Claire some solace. He tells her that he won’t leave town and he promises that no harm will come to him or Jamie because Tom couldn’t have had their deaths on his conscience. This means, of course, that Tom knows they are not guilty. The bad news: He still has to admit it and tell the truth about everything he knows, and Claire is left alone in a jail cell.

The good news? Jamie is on his way! Brown has brokered a deal with a guy leaving on a ship for Scotland to take Jamie with him, but just when things are at their darkest on this beach, Ian arrives with a group of Cherokee (all that Indian agent paid!) and they devastate this faction of the security committee, free Jamie, and the group of them leaves in the direction of Wilmington. What they actually have to do to save Claire, we’ll have to wait until next season to find out. Don’t worry, there’s no way Jamie is letting his best girl down!

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