Ottawa River rescue: Young man credited with helping save three people

The Ottawa Fire Department thanks a young man for helping save a family after their jet ski capsized on the Ottawa River on Wednesday.

A water rescue team was called to the Lane Street and Bayview Drive area of ​​Constance Bay around 1pm.

Two boaters in the area helped bring the three people ashore, but a young man on his own jet ski was on the scene ahead of the boats, OFS said, and kept the people in the water safe.

“A young man named Jayden pulled up on his own jet ski to help the three individuals before they were dragged ashore by the two boats that came later,” OFS said. in a Twitter thread. “Jayden put the youngest child on his jet ski and allowed the older teenager to stand to the side.

“The third person, the adult, was in danger of losing his life jacket, couldn’t swim, and his muscles were tensing. Jayden held the adult’s hand until help arrived. In addition, Jayden did all of this by calling 911 for help.”

The SFO said the two children and the adult involved are doing well and their boat has been recovered.

Meanwhile, OFS said the district manager is trying to recruit Jayden to become a volunteer firefighter in Dunrobin.

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