Noosa council gives woman one more week to rehouse blind emotional support pig Lenny before eviction

Cooroy wife Daphne Clarkson has had one more week to find a new home for her emotional support mate, Lenny.

Noosa Shire Council has given Ms Clarkson two weeks from April 20 to find a new home in Lenny, following a complaint from a neighbour.

Ms Clarkson, who suffers from anxiety and sensory processing disorder, said she was unsure how she would manage without her pet.

“I’ve had letters from my doctor stating because I’m such an anxious wreck that he had to be my emotional support animal because I rely on him so much for comfort.

“Virtually everywhere I travel, he is with me.”

Not in Noosa Garden

Ms Clarkson recently moved into a Cooroy rental house on a 1,631 square meter property, but unbeknownst to her taking “her baby” with her would break the rules.

“I’ve had him since he was nine days old and he’s only about eight months old,” she said.

“There were no other complaints other than the fact that he was a pig – no noise complaints, no smell, just the fact that he was a pig.”

Mrs. Clarkson says she takes care of Lenny better than most people take care of their dogs.(Provided)

Noosa Shire Council director of community services, Kerri Contini, said raising pigs in urban areas of the county was prohibited by local law.

“It’s for reasons of hygiene, amenity, safety and biosecurity,” Ms Contini said.

Ms Clarkson said Lenny, who is blind, was locked in a pen so he wouldn’t wander off.

“Real Estate is fully aware that I have a pig dependent on me and vice versa,” she said.

Ms Clarkson said she was unable to find another home for Lenny that met his needs.

“My pig is cared for better than, if not at the same level, people take care of their children,” she said.

A tall young woman wearing a pair of jeans, a blue patterned top and a cap holds a disposable coffee cup walks a pig on a leash.
Lenny the pig has been officially recognized as Mrs. Clarkson’s emotional support animal (Provided)

“When I’m not with him and I’m at work, he’s usually with his babysitter because I don’t like the idea of ​​him being all alone.

Heartbreaking decision

In Noosa’s tight rental market, living in Cooroy is their only choice, but for Ms Clarkson the thought of having to part with her pig is too much to bear.

“I’m very grateful that we have a roof over our heads because a lot of families don’t, but I’m definitely not okay,” she said.

“I spend until 10 p.m. at night with Lenny out back in his paddock because I can’t make it, so I kind of stay away from people.

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