NieR 12th Anniversary Art Shows All Three Leads

In commemoration of the 12th anniversary of the Deny series, the official NieR Reincarnation Twitter account posted a piece of celebratory artwork. The art features the three main characters of Deny, NieR Automataand NieR Reincarnationwho are Nier, 2B and the Daughter of Light.

The three protagonists appear to be jumping in the air as the Cage is below them. Nier as he appears in the photo is Brother Nier, who was the protagonist of the remake version of the game, as well as Replicant NieR. When initially released, Japan had Replicant NieR and North America had Negate form. Gestalt Nier was Yonah’s father and was an older man, while Replicant Nier is Yonah’s brother and a young man.

There are other news than the Japanese NieR Reincarnation famous account outside of the 12th anniversary. A new chapter in history, “Sun and Moon”, has been launched, and players who log in will be able to get prizes such as gems and tickets. “Sun and the Moon” follows Hina Akagi and Yuzuki Kurezome on their journey through the Cage. Kouki Uchiyama (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn) voice Kurezome, and Kana Ichinose (Tsukihime) voices Hina.

NieR Reincarnation is available worldwide on iOS and Android devices.

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