National Medical Commission allows Pakistan’s persecuted minorities to practice medicine after examination

Opening its doors to persecuted minorities who have fled Pakistan to practice medicine in India, the National Medical Commission (NMC) on Saturday authorized their permanent registration after a review. All doctors must be registered with their respective state boards to practice anywhere in the country, the NMC said.

This will only apply to persons who fled from Pakistan and obtained Indian citizenship on or before December 31, 2014. notification by the undergraduate medical education council, under the top regulatory authority NMC, has declared.

All of these people had until September 5 to complete online applications on the NMC website. As per the notification, applications will be reviewed by the committee “in consultation with relevant agencies/departments” and only shortlisted individuals will be allowed to sit for the review. The review will be conducted “by the commission or any agency authorized by the commission,” the notification says.

Applicants who pass the exam will receive permanent registration to practice medicine.

In June, NMC had set up an expert group to develop guidelines for a proposed test to allow such medical graduates to practice in India.

Earlier this year, the medical education regulator warned Indian students against traveling to Pakistan for medical or dental courses, saying such students will not be eligible to take the drug test. that medical graduates from other countries must undergo to enroll in India. . The notification made an exception for migrants and their children who have already graduated from medicine in Pakistan after obtaining security clearance from the Ministry of Interior.

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