Nadine Dorries blames dyslexia after mocking ‘downstream’ and ‘tennis court’ tangles

Nadine Dorries has blamed dyslexia after being mocked for scrambling her words in a video explaining her job as a culture secretary.

Boris Johnson’s key ally has spoken of people being able to ‘swallow’ – rather than download – films online and called tennis courts ‘pitches’.

Gary Lineker retweeted the TikTok video to his 8.4 million followers, adding, “Our sports minister.”

Another Twitter user mocked Ms Dorries, posting: ‘There’s a lot of history about that Center Pitch at Wimbledon and it can be found downline on the UK internet.’

The culture secretary has hit back, arguing that her dyslexia means she can find it ‘difficult’ to find the correct phrase when speaking.

Dyslexia is described by the NHS as a common learning difficulty that primarily causes problems with reading, writing and spelling.

Another symptom is said to be that an affected person “speaks badly, misuses or mispronounces words without realizing it”.

Ms Dorries said: ‘I have dyslexia, which means when I speak I often conjugate my words and say things that sound like the words I’m trying to say.

“Dyslexia affects people differently. For me, it affects my speech more than my writing, which is why I find solace in writing.

“I’m ok with that. I’ve been in politics for a long time and you’re tough-skinned. That’s why I haven’t spoken much publicly about how it affects me. But I found it difficult to seeing commentators and the media making fun of me for something beyond my control.

The footage, posted online by Luke Evans, the Tory MP for Bosworth, on Friday sees Ms Dorries explain the work of her digital, culture, media and sport department.

“We’re responsible for making sure you have super-fast broadband in your home, which means you can stream your movies downstream,” she told Dr Evans.

The Culture Secretary said she wanted to ‘make the internet in the UK the safest internet in the world’.

And she said her department is also “responsible for everything related to sports, making sure that you have soccer fields and you have tennis courts in your communities where you can play and practice your sport.”

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