Mental health placement review planned for Vallejo arsonist – Times-Herald

The 32-year-old Vallejo man arrested in mid-May on felony warrants and suspected of arson in connection with an early morning fire that damaged two Vallejo businesses faces a mental health placement review in the coming weeks in Solano County Superior Court.

Criminal charges have been stayed for Xavier H. Williams, who appeared in Department 23 on Friday for a mental health placement report at the Fairfield Justice Center. He was represented by Deputy Public Defender Kirby Madden.

During the morning, a Solano County Superior Court commissioner, on behalf of Judge John B. Ellis, ordered Williams to enroll in the State Hospitals Department’s trial proficiency program for a maximum of two years or until he is restored to jurisdiction, according to official court records. indicate. Williams’ placement review has been set for 8:30 a.m. on September 1 in Department 23.

Under state law, specifically section 1368 of the Penal Code, a defendant who is deemed unable to assist in his defense or understand court proceedings cannot be tried. However, once they are found competent, the criminal charges can be reinstated and the defendant can be scheduled to face further legal proceedings, including a jury trial.

Assistant District Attorney Kevin Tali is leading the prosecution.

Williams is charged with the May 17 fire that damaged the Anchor Pantry as well as the Joint, a nearby retail store.

Pleading not guilty at arraignment, Williams remains in custody at Stanton Correctional Facility, with bond set at $75,000 on the arson charge. He is waiting to be transferred to one of the five public hospitals.

Besides the charge of arson, Williams faces several other felony charges based on warrants, among them carrying a loaded firearm, being a felon in possession of a firearm and vandalism. His total bond for all charges is $115,000, according to prison records.

As previously reported in the Vallejo Times-Herald, Vallejo public safety officials reported a dispatch call at 3:26 a.m. indicating that the Anchor Pantry, a gourmet grocery store at 617 Marin St., was on fire.

Investigators allege that Williams started the fire there. Shortly after, he was found nearby in the 400 block of Santa Clara Street, where he was arrested on the warrants and arson charge.

Vallejo Fire Department spokesman and firefighter Aaron Klauber said at the time that the owners of Anchor Pantry noticed they had an alarm bell and a video of a man inside. front of the storefront trying to start a fire. Firefighters were first on the scene and attempted to put out the blaze with a fire extinguisher to bring the flames under control, but were unsuccessful, according to Klauber.

The fire raised a second alarm and the flames were extinguished within 14 minutes. The second alarm was triggered due to nearby multi-story buildings, according to Klauber. No injuries were reported, but Anchor Pantry saw most of its first floor damaged while The Joint, a retail store selling handmade vintage and modern goods, was tagged red, signifying that it is considered dangerous to occupy.

Two GoFundMe pages were started by Alibi Bookshop co-owner Karen Finlay shortly after the fire was extinguished. Alibi Bookstore is across from Anchor Pantry and The Joint.

The fundraising page for Anchor Pantry is at

A separate page has been created for the Joint, owned by Stephanie Brown, at

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