Man shares week-long ‘exhausting’ experience with Monkeypox – NBC4 Washington

It’s been 22 days since Marco Reyes Rojas started experiencing symptoms of monkeypox.

“I had a fever for at least four days. It was 101 to almost 104. I rushed to emergency care twice,” Reyes Rojas said.

At first, he says, he only noticed a few bumps, but the symptoms quickly worsened.

It was then that he heard the news.

“I had a huge rash on my back. I had it on my neck – on the back of my neck, the back of my head, my fingers, my face, my legs. That’s when everything came true, and everything pointed to “you have monkeypox,” he said.

Reyes Rojas, 30, has since been in quarantine in his apartment. He said he was unable to work and had to rely on financial help from friends.

“Having to be off work for more than two weeks is a privilege not everyone has and also not everyone has a support system from your employer that would guarantee you can stay at home and heal,” said Reyes Rojas.

He said he didn’t know when or how he got infected.

Reyes Rojas said the lesions on his body were extremely painful, but were starting to dry up and fall off.

“I’m pretty drained. It’s been exhausting having to navigate this [my] clean,” he said.

Reyes Rojas said he hoped people would take the disease seriously and protect themselves.

“If they can be vaccinated, please get vaccinated. It’s not a comfortable experience. It’s actually been really tough and really tough and I just want people to educate themselves more,” he said.

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