Lost Ark Guide: Vykas Legion Raid Requirements, Rewards, and Sidereals

Ready for the Vykas Legion Raid at lost ark? While the second and most recent Legion Raid came out on lost arkOn Vykas Western servers, the Vykas Legion Raid is the best way to complete your first set of Relic gear. Here’s everything you need to know to get started, from item level requirements to space skills available.

Item Level and Requirements

To unlock the Vykas Legion Raid, you must have completed the intro guided quest for this endgame feature (“Notice: Legion Raid”). It will become available after reaching item level 1415.

The Vykas Legion raid is for level 3 players only. You can join the raid on normal difficulty once you reach item level 1430and hard difficulty when you reach item level 1460. You can participate in the Legion Raid once a week, and only in groups of eight players. It is possible to join the matchmaking process alone or with an existing group.

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We’re not going to risk our lives for nothing, are we? Naturally, the Legion Raid comes with a bunch of great rewards. Here is an overview:

  • Legendary and relic gear
  • Greedy fangs (used to craft legendary gear)
  • Greedy Wings (used to create Relic Gear)
  • Relic Accessories
  • Honing materials
  • Gold

Upon reaching the final gate, there is a chance to receive additional loot such as Engraving Recipes, Honing Books, Ability Stones, and Card Packs. There’s also a loot auction, giving you the chance to bid on additional items.

Important Information

  • You can’t resurrect during the Vykas Legion raid, so if you meet your untimely demise at the hands of Vykas, the rest of your team must carry on without you.
  • The Raid is divided into three phases. The phases are divided by gates that serve as checkpoints. In other words, you can leave after completing phase 1 and come back later for phase 2.
  • During the Vykas Legion Raid, the Raid Leader can call in a Sidereal to come to the aid of the team whenever the top left bar is full. Each sidereal has its own special ability – more on that in the next section.

From left to right, Inanna, Wei, and Nineveh are the three sidereals available in the Vykas Legion Raid

Image: Smilegate RPG via Polygon

Sidereal Skills

Here is an overview of the three available Sidereals and their skills:

  • Wei summons Dochul, a massive ethereal being, to perform a total of three attacks. If these attacks hit, Dochul will deal high stagger damage.
  • Nineveh deals massive damage and weak points with its ranged attack. This attack can partially remove Legion Commander buffs on hit. This is generally considered the best sidereal skill for this Legion raid.
  • Inanna creates a protection zone that absorbs a portion of incoming damage and grants pushback immunity. When the protection area is deactivated, players within its area of ​​effect recover health.

And this is all the basic information about the lost ark Vykas Legion Raid. If you want more tips, consider using our cheat sheets and walkthroughs for Vykas Legion Raid Phases 1, 2, and 3.

Good luck!

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