London’s best suburban towns: ranked

If you’re the type of person who has trouble deciding whether you want sweet or salty popcorn, or a hot or cold drink, you’re probably not exactly right. undecided, just someone who wants the best of both worlds. When it extends to big things like where you want inhabit relative to where you are working, it gets a bit more tricky. Are you plump for ease of travel but a small roommate in Kennington, or room sacks in Brentwood but play dodgeball with transport strikes and engineering work? Factor in the ever-rising property and rental prices in the capital and staying in London for your downtime might not even be an option. It’s advanced domestic logistics – too obscure a puzzle for us amateurs.

Luckily, there are people in the know who do all the delicate weighing of prices, green space and broadband coverage, then post their best places to live and travel to in London, complete with journey times. Time Out verifies the findings of Phil Spencer (yes, him on ‘Location Location, Location’ minus Kirsty ‘Give up coffee, Netflix and EasyJet’ Allsop) just appeared on the IQ movement blog and then, because we can’t resist, weigh in with our own thoughts.

Getting to fifth place in the standings is Iver in Buckinghamshire. The journey to London takes 25 minutes and your terminus is Paddington, but property prices there are still close to £550,000. Yet you’re only six miles from Heathrow, it’s very green, there are a few Anglo-Saxon remnants, and you’re right next to movie history in the form of Pinewood Studios. A great place to rent if you’re in – say – the next James Bond movie.

Number four is occupied by Boreham Wood, Hertfordshire. It’s just 25 minutes from St Pancras and is – strangely – also known for its film heritage, with Elstree Studios, a collection of different studios spread across different sites two of which still survive. Moviegoers might rave about “The Shining” or “Dr. Zhivago,” but for our money, it’s the fact that “The Muppet Show” was produced here that gives it exceptional appeal. A good choice if you’re an extra into ‘Holby’. It’s also dotted with celebrities: Dele Alli and Gino D’Acampo both live here.

number three is Reading in Berkshire, currently 25 minutes from Paddington, but the section of the Elizabeth line that passes there opens in 2023 and it will effortlessly connect residents to Bond Street, Canary Wharf and Stratford, suddenly making it a good choice if you you go to town. House prices are around £370,000, but a subscription is a tough ask at almost five thousand dollars a year. Obviously Reading is known for its annual music festival, but the recent news that its four existing Lidl’s will be joined by three more has caused a stir around the world. local press. One for lovers of the alley of random stuff.

Reaching second place is Hatfield in Hertfordshire, a county where, reassuringly, according to ‘My Fair Lady’, hurricanes almost never occur. If they did, King’s Cross is only 21 minutes away and you’re close to Luton Airport for sunny getaways. A house will set you back around £350,000 and there’s a theatre, contemporary art gallery and lots of Tudor and Jacobean history courtesy of Hatfield House. A good option if you need an excuse to scroll in a frill. Like Danny Dyer.

Finally, the top of the list is St. Albans, just 20 minutes from St Pancras. This is another extremely historic settlement, in Roman times known as Verulamium. Also in Hertfordshire, the same hurricane rules apply, but property prices are hovering dangerously around £600,000. We’ve heard good things about local independents including Books on the Hill bookstore and Odyssey cinema and it’s also famous for being the only English town to ever produce a pope so if you have your eye on the Vatican , this might be the one for you.

So there you have it, those are your top five dorm transportation options. If you can’t do without the London postcode, your cheapest option is a studio in Bexley or Havering, but you’ll have to do without the toast.

You can now use Citymapper to plan your Elizabeth Line trip.

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