London Burger King is trying a meatless menu for a month

May 4, 2022 – Burger King has gone meatless for a month at its flagship storefront in London’s Leicester Square, apparently to check the public’s appetite for meatless fast food.

The restaurant tried the experiment from March 14 to April 10. An unnamed British Burger King spokesperson called the experiment a success, with queues around the block with vegetarians, vegans and even meat eaters, Tasting Table reported.

Burger King has been offering a plant-based Whopper for several years. For the trial in London, the restaurant added dishes such as a Vegan Katsu Royale, foods topped with vegetable versions of cheese and bacon, and vegan versions of fries, onion rings, nuggets, cheese bites and ice cream, Tasting Table mentioned.

The Leicester Square restaurant has returned to its normal menu, but Burger King may introduce some of the most popular meatless dishes to other Burger Kings.

Many other fast food chains are adding vegan or meatless options to their menus in response to customer demand. UK Burger King has said it hopes to make 50% of its menu meatless by 2030, The Guardian rreported.

James Lewis, who works in marketing and product development for a vegan restaurant in London, said The Guardian that the Burger King experience reflects the public’s embrace of vegetarianism. The meatless menu will appeal to a wide range of people who aren’t vegan or vegetarian to begin with, he said.

“We call [the vegan burger] a catwalk dish, something someone knows easily,” he said. The Guardian.

Lewis said fast-food chains are likely to go vegan sooner than people think.

“There’s no point in starting a vegan chain because once McDonald’s figure out how to make a good vegan burger, they’ll be like, ‘what’s the cost of keeping all these animals when we can make it this good and grow it in the ground?’ “, He said.

“In a short time people will have their burger and it will be a vegan one and it will be the norm and they won’t think any differently.”

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