Liz shares stunning weight loss in patriotic bikini

After losing over 19 pounds, 90 Day: The Single Life’s Liz Woods shows off her sculpted physique in an American flag two-piece.

Ancient 90 Day Fiance Franchise star Liz Woods stunned fans with her weight loss makeover in a patriotic 4th of July bikini. The single mother-of-one was last featured in 90 days: single life season 2 with Big Ed. Even though the couple have an age gap of nearly three decades, they seem very much in love. After having several messy on-screen and off-screen fights, Ed and Liz are now engaged and living happily together in San Diego. Although the couple have been engaged for almost a year, they don’t seem to be in a rush to get married.

In fact, they are more focused on achieving their fitness goals. Ed began his weight loss journey after his breakup with Rosemarie Vega. He hired a fitness trainer and started hitting the gym to lose a few pounds and look more attractive. Even though he has now found the love of his life, he still sweats at the gym to stay in shape. In the same way, 90 Day Fiance viewers have seen Liz work hard to achieve the desired body. She trains three to four times a week and maintains a healthy diet.


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Liz has lost about 19 pounds over the past few months following a fitness regimen. She now shows off her newly transformed figure in a patriotic two-piece. Liz showed off her toned stomach and sculpted legs while blowing up an inflatable pool tube for her 8-year-old daughter, Ryliegh Leanne Woods. For the special occasion, she wore a starry bikini top with a blue thong. She left her hair down and confidently displayed her gorgeous physique, doing mommy homework. The 29-year-old reality star captioned her Instagram Story, “It takes a lot to take my breath away and my little miss did it. All for her.”

Liz Woods-Big Ed-Weight Loss-Bikini-Photos-90 Day Fiance - 90 Days: The Single Life

Although Ed was not visible in any of Liz’s Instagram Stories, 90 Day Fiance viewers can assume he was spending the holidays with his new fiancée and daughter. The trio celebrated Independence Day in Mission Bay, San Diego. Fans who have seen Liz on 90 days: single life remarked that she had lost a lot since her debut on the TLC series. Although she’s always looked gorgeous on the show, it’s clear she’s now feeling great and having the best time of her life.

When Liz first started dating Ed, it was a very stressful time for her. She wanted to take things slow, but the former photographer was eager to take it to the next level. But it looks like Liz and Ed are now starting to understand each other better. They now consistently hit their fitness goals and exude confidence in every Instagram post. 90 Day Fiance fans send Liz lots of love, happiness and prosperity on Independence Day.

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