Lauren Ambrose fires manager after ‘unprofessional’ voicemail

Actress and singer Lauren Ambrose has fired her longtime talent manager after receiving an accidental voicemail saying she was “difficult” on set, according to a source and legal documents.

Ambrose, who starred in “My Fair Lady” on Broadway and on the TV show Six feet Under ground, currently working on the AppleTV+ show Servantfor which her now former manager, Perri Kipperman, is seeking a $325,000 commission, the actress said in a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court.

Ambrose ended her relationship with Kipperman in December, after the manager “inadvertently” left her an “unprofessional and inappropriate” voicemail, she claims in court documents.

Kipperman and other members of Ambrose’s management team had discussed a rumor that Ambrose was considered “difficult” on the Servant together, and tried to call the actress to discuss it, but got her voicemail, Kipperman’s attorney told the Post.

The voicemail allegedly addressed rumors that Ambrose was "difficult" on the tray.
The voicemail reportedly addressed rumors that Ambrose was “difficult” on set.

They left a message but were unable to disconnect the call and continued to discuss the rumor, a conversation captured on Ambrose’s voicemail, attorney Andrew Brettler said.

“Ms. Kipperman was telling the story she heard, and it was all recorded on Lauren’s voicemail … The goal was to bring this to Lauren’s attention and figure out what to do with it,” said Brettler, who said he was unaware of the lawsuit. Ambrose filed suit against Kipperman despite negotiations with his legal team just days ago.

The talent manager had asked to be paid his 10% commission for the role of Ambrose on Servant and threatened to sue, prompting the actress to show up in court and ask a judge to rule she didn’t owe the money.

Kipperman threatened to sue for his commission from Ambrose.
Perri Kipperman has threatened to sue for his commission from Ambrose.
Ambrose pictured in November 2019.
Ambrose ended his relationship with Kipperman in December 2021.

Brettler declined to repeat the rumor that Kipperman tried to respond, and said that even if Ambrose was upset “it doesn’t give you the right not to honor your contract”.

Representatives and an attorney for Ambrose did not respond to messages.

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