‘Killjoy’ Toronto Pearson Ends Airport Trend Of Quoting BTS Lyrics

Airports around the world were having fun quoting BTS’ lyrics, much to the delight of ARMYs, the K-pop group’s fans. However, Toronto Pearson Airport was not involved in any of this.

It all started with an April 25 tweet from Orlando International Airport with a quote from “Moonchild,” a song by BTS member RM:

Then, on April 27, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport tweeted a video of the soft landing of an American Airlines plane with a quote from the BTS song “Butter”:

Sydney and Paris airports were quick to jump in with quotes from the band’s 2020 single “Dynamite”:

Chicago O’Hare International Airport went in another direction, citing BTS’ 2021 single “Permission to Dance” instead:

Vancouver International Airport also:

Fans were thrilled and the tweets immediately sparked theories about possible gigs, with Toronto fans tagging Toronto Pearson Airport and asking about a world tour. One fan tweeted, “The fact that I have to ask questions at an airport about BTS’ world tour is really weird.”

However, the airport’s social media team (probably confused as to why they were suddenly asked about BTS concerts) were quick to put the rumors to rest, stating, “According to Twitter, no concerts are planned in Toronto, Hamilton and the GTA region. We have no further information to provide at this time.”

Things got out of hand because for some reason even the Peel Regional Police got involved.

Toronto Pearson’s rather dry response had people laughing at the airport, with one fan calling them a “pooper”.

Another fan tweeted, “Lol Pearson is so boring! Go on social media, join the party!”

It seems they finally gave in to peer pressure because several hours later Toronto Pearson joined in, perhaps a bit reluctantly, with a quote from “Dynamite.”

You must at least give them points for trying.

BTS just wrapped up a four-day mini-residency in Las Vegas with their “Permission to Dance” concert. They recently made headlines after announcing their upcoming album We are bulletproofwhich comes out on June 10.

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