Karen’s Diner is coming to London – prepare to be roasted | Recent news

Never heard of Karen’s Diner? That’s about to change. Simply put, this is a restaurant where all the staff are deliberately rude to you and that happens in London.

It only started in Australia last year but has grown quite big here, opening in Manchester and Sheffield and now, according to a report in the hotel industry website Caterer, they intend to come to the capital. Apparently, there may even be two restaurants in London – both in “secret” locations (i.e. you aren’t told before you book).

The premise is quite simple, if you go to this restaurant (classic American diner themed) they will roast you much more than the food. So expect name-calling, bad-tempered and impatient staff, but seemingly decent enough burgers. This insider review gives a pretty good overview of what you’re going to do, just like The keeper’s grip.

Insult comedy is a big thing though – so there’s definitely a market for it (but definitely not for everyone, according to this pretty epic mumsnet yarn).

They say they aim to open before the end of 2022 – we’ll let you know as soon as we have more information.

To learn more about Karen’s Diner, see their site.

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