James Corden Turns Down 8-Figure Deal To Remain On CBS Late Night – OutKick

CBS has made several offers to James Corden to remain the anchor of the Late show passed the summer of 2023, which Corden declined.

CBS offers Corden hit $19 million to stay two more years, in addition reported on its airing on Monday. Corden currently earns around $5 million a year.

Corden, from London, will likely sign with the BBC to host a morning show, in addition adds.

Creatively, Corden is the best late-night host. And at 43, Corden has more upside than his late-night counterparts, all of which fade as he approaches 50 and 60.

Also, Corden was valuable because of his eventual replacements. They are weak.

There are already more late night shows than funny hosts and wide awake enough to last. That’s why Seth Meyers is always on the air; there is no one else.

Late-night TV isn’t the audience or conversation starter it was with Johnny Carson or David Letterman or even Jay Leno. Still, the programs generate revenue, especially as a factory of monetizable music videos for YouTube.

In particular, the YouTube page of the Late show has 28 million current subscribers. It’s a hub for ad revenue. CBS should therefore find someone who can capitalize on this medium.

The press is already writing in the headlines that CBS better replace Corden with a black woman or man. The media say forget the quality, but don’t choose a white man for god’s sake.

Names to watch include Chelsea Handler and Roy Wood Jr. Variety reports that CBS could also stay in-house by moving Trevor Noah or Desus Nice from their sister stations, Comedy Central and Showtime respectively, in place of Corden.

(If Trevor Noah at CBS would mean less Daily show advertisements during family guy, I am for.)

So you see why CBS offered James Corden $19 million for two more years: the late-night bench doesn’t have any quality “talent” to offer.

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