Instead of Detox Smoothies, Avoid These Food Toxins to Maintain Your Health

The first food toxin listed by nutritionist Simrun Chopra was BPA and BPS, which are mainly found in plastic containers and liners inside metal cans. She warns that BPA and BPS can disrupt regular hormonal health

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You may have come across several “detox” diets that promise to cleanse your body from the inside out and restore your body to health. However, nutritionist Simrun Chopra’s latest Instagram Reel explains how not to rely too heavily on these detox fads. Chopra revealed some of the food toxins you need to avoid to stay healthy.

“With all ‘detox plans,’ here’s a reminder that your liver and kidneys are detoxifying your body. If they’re not working properly, you need emergency service, not a smoothie,” a she mentioned in the caption Instagram Reel. Chopra also listed some of the known toxins in foods that should be avoided. She also mentioned that these are toxic with continued use and possibly less when ‘they are eaten from time to time.

The first food toxin Chopra listed was BPA and BPS, which are found primarily in plastic containers and the liners inside metal cans. She warns that BPA and BPS can disrupt regular hormonal health. She also added that a lot of hormone research involves rats, but it’s best to keep that to a minimum. “You just have to opt for a steel or glass bottle for everyday use. Also change your tiffins and your container,” Chopra suggested.

The next food toxin that should be consumed in limited amounts is high fructose corn syrup. The nutritionist mentions that it is listed in most labels and when consumed in excess it is linked to many problems including type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, obesity. High-fructose corn syrup is mostly found in processed and packaged foods, as well as spreads.

The third food toxin Chopra listed was mercury in fish. “Although the fish is very healthy, look for fish that is low in mercury,” the social media influencer advised. She also added that one of the most common fish that can be high in mercury is basa fish, which should not be confused with sea bass or bhetki. Besides basa fish, king mackerel and swordfish are also considered to have high levels of mercury, according to Chopra. The nutritionist informs her digital subscribers that mercury is a neurotoxin that can damage nerves and the brain.

Artificial trans fats are also one of the food toxins that can be found in corn oil, soybean oils, mainly in processed snacks and baked goods, margarine. This food toxin affects the heart. “They are more genotoxic: the effect of our genes means they work in DNA and can cause mutations etc. Probably the most dangerous,” Chopra warns.

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