Industrial noise, loud music from metalworking factory disturbs the inhabitants of Olivette | Subway

Chuck Stanford, a Vietnam War veteran who served in the United States Air Force, said the music is worse than the noise of airplanes.

“I can hear aircraft noise, but this is unbearable,” he said. “It was unbearable, and that’s beautifully expressed.”

The health department already warned AZZ in September and October 2019 in letters viewed by the Post-Dispatch, asking the company for a written plan to ensure it would comply with noise violations in the future.

Neighborhood files complaint about noise nuisance

Workers will move pieces of metal outside of AZZ Galvanizing in unincorporated St. Louis County on Wednesday, December 8, 2021. Residents of the Indian Meadows neighborhood (above) over the tracks in Olivette have complained about the noise caused by the company’s relocation of equipment and products early in the morning. Photo by Colter Peterson,

Colter Peterson

The company said in response letters it had taken a series of actions, including moving metal materials to a collection point in the afternoon so that the metal would not have to be moved in the early morning hours.

The company said it was holding meetings with employees to discourage the dropping or disposal of metals onto the concrete, and promised to schedule noise monitoring by a third-party analyst to “further identify specific activities that could contribute to the overall noise so that a action plan can be drawn up.” developed.”

But the noises persisted and neighbors wrote to Orwick’s office in April 2020 asking for action.

“We are trying to be patient, and we truly regret having turned on you at this time of global crisis, but this is destroying our merry little neighborhood,” the letter read in part. “The current process has exhausted our patience and we would appreciate your guidance and support.”

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