‘I pushed my 9-pound son out in one go – in less than 30 seconds’

Yanyah Milutinović, 34, has been fitness and weightlifting for years, and has set herself fitness goals to achieve postpartum — and she wants women to appreciate their bodies for the amazing things they can do

A fitness addict and bodybuilding mom says she pushed her 9-pound baby out in one go — after a grueling seven-hour labor.

Yanyah Milutinović, 34, from New York, gave birth to the youngest child Vuk last June – and exercised during pregnancy to stay as fit as possible.

“I was in labor for a total of seven hours, but I pushed my 9-pound son out in one go — and in less than 30 seconds,” she said.

“It’s absolutely remarkable! And I’m so proud of myself and my body.”

After giving birth, Yanyah struggled to get off the couch unaided, but she was eager to get back into exercise to push her body to the limit.

To get herself moving again, the influencer started doing breathing exercises and pelvic floor workouts to get ready for the gym.

Yanyah trained during her pregnancy

Yanyah was working out until she gave birth

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Two-and-a-half weeks after giving birth, she was back exercising and working on her strength.

She said: “My focus was on my healing, and on my physical performance, not so much on the aesthetics in postpartum.

“Over the past four months I have safely rebuilt my strength after giving birth. In fact, I’ve surpassed my strength in many lifts, lifting much heavier than anything I’ve ever done in my life.”

Five weeks after giving birth, she was squatting by more than 100 kg – and six months after giving birth, she was now squatting almost 200 kg.

Yanyah, who also lives with husband Risel Martinez, 31, and their oldest daughter Smiljana, three, has now broken her pre-pregnancy record.

“From the fact that I couldn’t pick anything up off the floor, I can now lift 142 kg (315 lbs) for 10 reps with ease,” she said.

She added: “My goal was to squat 225 pounds, which I achieved five weeks postpartum.

“And my second goal was 315 pounds, which I reached nine weeks postpartum.

“Then five months postpartum, I squatted 405 pounds for one rep, and had my grand total, which was squat, deadlift, and chest press within 60 minutes, at 920 pounds.”

After the birth of two children, Yanyah’s message to new mothers is that working on your pelvic floor during pregnancy helps with incontinence.

She said: “I’ve never leaked, not even a little bit, ever. I listened to my body and worked on my pelvic floor strength/health long before I ever decided to get pregnant.

The mother of two pushed her body to the limit

She wants other women to stop putting pressure on themselves to lose weight after giving birth

“My pelvic floor is just as strong as the rest of my body and with the right exercises, I’ve been able to heal myself from two pregnancies without any complications.”

In terms of diet, Yanyah does not restrict food but focuses on eating protein-rich meals to fuel her body for heavy lifting.

“There is no ‘right versus wrong’ time to eat,” she said.

“It’s not that you’ll lose weight just because you stop eating after 6pm, and the more you become obsessed with something and limit yourself, the more likely it will all fail and be unsustainable in the long run.

“We should also be able to enjoy birthdays, holidays and business dinners.”

For new moms, she encourages them not to rush to lose weight after pregnancy.

“The truth is that most women lose muscle mass during pregnancy and overall body composition changes like never before,” she said.

“Instead of focusing on weight loss, be patient and accept your current physique and circumstances. Focus on rebuilding your body and the overall bigger picture, safely regaining functional strength.”

Despite her incredible physique and impressive fitness levels, Yanyah is still a victim of vicious trolls after she shared her fitness journey on Instagram.

She said: “I’ve been getting comments like ‘You’re fat’, ‘You’re disgusting’, ‘Oh, you’ve gained a lot of weight’, ‘You shouldn’t have exercised while you were pregnant, but now is the time to focus on it, look how awful you look now,” “She’s too big,” “You look like a man,” “Remember you’re a woman,” and throw up emojis just to name a few.

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“But I’ve had a lot of positive, uplifting and kind comments – many women and mothers who find inspiration, motivation, encouragement and empowerment in what I do, it makes me very happy!

“I think it’s important to remind yourself how amazing your body is and what it has accomplished. Be kind to yourself and try to fall in love with the journey rather than the goal.

“And that’s how you always find happiness in the process of change!”

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