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pokemon unite recently added a new mechanic to the game called Boost Emblems. Similar to the rune system in the game League of Legends, Emblems are small, medal-like items that boost Pokémon stats and include bonus effects that increase things, like a Pokémon’s attack speed or crowd control resistance. This Pokémon Unite guide will cover how to get Boost Emblems, how Emblems work, and how to use those Emblems.

How to Get Boost Emblems in Pokémon Unite

Boost Emblems can be obtained in two different ways:

  • The season pass
  • Energy rewards

The Season Pass rewards players with a different item each time they level up. These rewards include things like Boosted Aeos Tickets, Item Boosters and Emblems. To enhance the Season Pass, players can play as many matches as possible, so Boost Emblems can be claimed. This method is not suggested, as most of the emblems rewarded by the season pass are quite weak and not very rare.

Pokemon Unite Boost Emblems Guide
Image via The Pokémon Company

The other (preferred) method of getting boost emblems is through the Energy Rewards system. Each time a player matches, they gain “energy”, with enough energy players can acquire a random boost emblem. There is a 88% chance of getting a bronze emblem accompanied by a 10% chance of getting a silver emblem and one 2% chance of getting a golden emblem. Players should remember to log in daily, as the first energy reward per day is free!

How Boosted Emblems Work in Pokémon Unite

Emblems have two effects on Pokémon, which include their “unique” effects and their “color group” effects. Each individual emblem has two stat changes on a Pokémon, one will decrease a Pokémon’s stat, while the other change will increase a Pokémon’s stat in return. With higher rarity, the amount of stats in the emblem decrease/increase will be greater.

For example, a bronze Bulbasaur emblem will decrease a Pokémon’s health by 30, but providing 1.5 special attacks in return, a silver Bulbasaur emblem will reduce a Pokemon’s health by 40, providing 2.5 special attacks in return. A Golden Bulbasaur Emblem will reduce a Pokemon’s health by 50, providing 3 special attacks in return. These individual emblem effects can modify the following stats:

  • resume
  • Offensive
  • Defense
  • Sp.Attack
  • Sp.Def
  • The rapidity
  • Critical Hit Rate

These individual effects currently have very little effect on Pokémon. Therefore, color group bonuses should be prioritized, as the most notable of these stats is critical hit rate. Characters with high attack like Absolute and Cinderella benefit greatly.

The other effects are the ‘color group’ effects. Each emblem is associated with one or two color effects. When a certain number of emblems of a specific color are assigned to a Pokemon, they will get some bonus. The effects of Boost Emblems include the following:

Color Amount Special effects
x2 +1% Sp. IT
Green x4 +2% Sp. IT
x6 +4% Sp. IT
x3 +4% out of combat movement speed
Yellow x5 +6% out of combat movement speed
x7 +12% out of combat movement speed
x3 +2% attack speed
Red x5 +4% attack speed
x7 +8% attack speed
x2 +2% defense
Blue x4 +4% defense
x6 +8% defense
x2 +1% HP
White x4 +2% HP
x6 +4% HP
x3 +2% movement cooldown reduction
Black x5 +4% movement cooldown reduction
x7 +8% movement cooldown reduction
x2 +1% attack
Orange x4 +2% attack
x6 +4% attack
x2 +2% Sp. Def
Purple x4 +4% Sp. Def
x6 +8% Sp. Def
x3 -4% duration of the hindering effect
Pink x5 -8% duration of hindering effect
x7 -16% duration of the hindering effect

Duplicate copies of an emblem will not count towards color bonuses. Players should remember that more bonuses will be awarded for using more of each consecutive emblem color. It can sometimes be better to use more than one color rather than balancing color bonuses.

Boost Emblems: How to Upgrade

Our Pokemon Unite Boost Emblems guide will also explain how they can be upgraded when there are three of them in the same rarity with 100 Aeos Coins. For example, 3 Bronze Emblems and 100 Aeos Coins can merge into a Silver Emblem and 100 Aeos Coins with 3 Silver Emblems will merge into a Gold Emblem.

Merging into a Gold Emblem may not always be successful. If unsuccessful, Emblems will be refunded, but Aeos Coins will remain spent. Boost Emblems can be upgraded by doing the following:

  • Players should go to the trainer profile and then select “Pokémon Boost Emblems”.
  • They can highlight an emblem from the collection by selecting it.
  • They can press the upgrade button in the lower right corner.

Pokémon Unite Boost emblems: examples of constructions

Below are three sample builds, which give an idea of ​​which emblem choices to use. The first version is an example of a standard version of a special attacker. This build is the most useful right now because the amount of cooldown reduction that black emblems provide mixed with high special attacks allows Pokemon like Delphix Where Pikachu become powerful.

Pokemon Unite Boost Emblems Guide Examples
Image via The Pokémon Company

The second version is an example of a standard version of a physical attacker. This build focuses less on color bonuses and more on increasing the critical hit rate stat, as it provides a lot of benefits to characters dependent on basic attacks like Cinderella and Greninja.

The third build is an example of a standard tank build. This build focuses on increasing HP through color bonuses, as white emblems provide a large amount of health. Purple emblems are used against the frequent use of special attackers in the current meta, with special defense.

Final Thoughts

Players can hope that this guide will give them some insight into how to use these new emblems! Players can’t wait to see how this system evolves over time and the many interesting ways these emblems are used in the metagame!

What do you think of our guide to the new Boost emblems in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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