How to Do Landmine Presses to Build Shoulder Muscle and Strength

When it comes to building strong, muscular shoulders, pressing exercises are king. Moves like military presses, one-arm presses, and even variations like Z presses will help you achieve your goals. For some, however, especially beginners or those with a history of injury, the overhead shoulder mobility required for these press exercises may be too much to handle. Luckily, there is a solution to make shoulder training safe, according to men’s health Ebenezer Samuel, Director of Fitness, CSCS Landmine presses allow you to change your angle of pressure, as long as you’re ready and willing to get down on the floor and get to work.

The key to the anti-mine press is everything in the angle. Rather than pressing up like you would with a standard overhead press, you’ll be pressing up and slightly forward. The weight isn’t just in your control either, as the bar is attached to the landmine, which takes the load off your joints. Depending on your position relative to the bar, you will also be able to control this angle.

But the kneeling position is also key to making this exercise more beginner-friendly. Instead of putting all the weight on your spine/back in an overhead position, you’ll be working from a safer place. “The half-kneeling position helps a lot too, because it protects the lower back,” says Samuel. “When many people press overhead, they arch their lower back, but you can’t do that in a half-kneeling position.”

To undertake this exercise, it is useful to have an anti-mine accessory, but it is not entirely necessary. You can also use the corner of a coin or weight rack with a towel wrapped around the end of the barbell sleeve to keep it from scratching the wall.

How to Do the Half Kneeling Landmine Press

●Place a bar in a landmine prop or place it in the corner of a room.

● Get into a half-kneeling position. Squeeze your glutes and core to create plenty of tension and grab the end of the bar with the same arm as your front leg (i.e. right arm if your right leg is forward and your left knee is at the floor).

●Press the head of the barbell up and out, squeezing the mid-back muscles at the top of the rep.

● Lower the weight under control towards your shoulder.

● Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions on each side.

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