How to battle mental health issues, depression in the spring time

April showers bring May flowers and, for many, spring marks a time when weather is getting warmer and lengthening days are something to look forward to. For others, it can mean a different form of seasonal depression.

The effect of any dramatic weather shifts can lead to mental health challenges for many. According to the Mayo Clinic, spring and summer depression can greatly differ from winter depression. Summer depression can lead to increased irritability, insomnia, restlessness or anxiety.

Here is a list of local activities area experts recommend to help improve your mental health, as we enter the warmer months in Greater Lansing:

Go for professional relaxation

As the days start to get longer, downtime becomes more convenient for many. Which can lead to stress or anxiety as options become too plentiful. Visiting places that offer aromatherapy or essential oil treatments help ease the way these feelings impact the brain.

According to the National Library of Medicine, tools like essential oils — which have been used for centuries — help manage depression, chronic pain, anxiety and other cognitive disorders. Locations that provide massages, meditation or even yoga can also help benefit and improve both the mind and body.

The Douglas J medspa lounging area allows for private relaxation.

Here are a few local spots that offer relaxation amenities:

Listen to your body for better sleep

Sleep and mental health are closely aligned, according to Kim Fenn, associate professor of psychology at Michigan State University. Getting too much or too little sleep can lead to higher rates of anxiety, depression and memory loss. It is important to identify what might be the cause of a disrupted sleep schedule, and how it impacts your daily life.

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