Homelessness in Hurstville focuses on Salvos in 2022 Red Shield appeal | County Leader of St George and Sutherland

The Salvation Army’s Hurstville Corps is calling for at least 80 volunteers to help with the 2022 Red Shield Appeal door knock on Sunday, May 28.

The Hurstville Salvos held their Red Shield Appeal launch today to raise awareness in the community, especially the local Chinese community.

This year’s theme for the Red Shield Appeal across Australia is the issue of domestic violence.

For the community of Hurstville, issues of homelessness and COVID emergency relief also loom large.

“Domestic violence is not a problem in the Chinese community,” said Hurstville Salvation Army Corps Lt. Beth Shao.

“But the local Chinese community noticed the problem of homelessness in Hurstville.

“We recently welcomed a young couple into our Hurstville branch who were homeless.

“We said we could send them a food package but they said they didn’t have an address to send it too as they were living in a car. We offered them a meal and a place to shower .”

Major Sherrie Nicol said the Hurstville Corps knew about 20 to 30 homeless people living on the streets of Hurstville.

“But there could be more because they hide when approached,” she said.

“It’s people of all ages. People are living in their cars because they can’t pay rent anymore or have lost their jobs due to COVID.”

The Hurstville Corps hopes to raise approximately $50,000 through this year’s Red Shield Appeal to help with their support services.

“We are so grateful to the community of Hurstville who have always rallied and supported the call of the Red Shield year after year. This year is no different. We need the help of the people more than ever. members of the community as we continue to support those who have felt the devastating effects of the past two years,” said Major Nicol.

“Last year, thanks to the generous support of Hurstville during the Red Shield Appeal, we were able to continue to support our community through emergency food assistance, clothing and meals for victims of domestic violence, student visa holders, and homeless people.We offered a free month two-course meals, financial counseling, and more.

“In addition to The Salvation Army’s focus on family and domestic violence, funds raised locally this year will also help better meet the needs of children experiencing domestic violence.

“At Hurstville Salvos, Kids Music – a music program for parents/guardians and their children (0-5 years old), and SAGALA – a life skills program for elementary school children, are available to help supporting families as well as an opportunity to build friendships in this safe and caring environment.”

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