Here’s How You Can Select Healthier Drink Options While On Vacation

A vacation seems incomplete without lip-smacking delights. It’s time to relax and have fun. Nothing else matters when you’re on vacation. This is also the time when you can cheat on your diet. But even if you’re someone who tends to get carried away with local cuisine, it’s worth being careful with your food choices. Many drinks high in sugar can harm your body like no other. So how do you make a wise choice? Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal shared a video on Instagram talking about the drinks you can have while on vacation. She insisted on being mindful even during the holidays and focusing more on healthier alternatives.

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Here are some drink options you must have on vacation:

1) Coconut water: According to Nmami, it is rich in potassium and is an excellent source of antioxidants. Along with this, coconut water is also known to provide strength to your body. Thus, it keeps you energized throughout the day. And it’s great for your skin and your overall health, she added.

2) Lime and mint water

This might be your go-to option while you’re on vacation and confused about which drinks to order. The nutritionist said that it is an excellent drink loaded with vitamin C. It nourishes your body and also hydrates you.


3) Smoothies and herbal tea

Nmami strictly stated that rather than opting for caffeinated beverages (since they flush water out of your body), opt for caffeine-free ones. She mentioned that if you want to have alcoholic drinks you can have them. If you prefer wine, drink it straight (don’t drink it as sangria). You can pair other alcohol options with your choice of club soda or water or you can also add mint, ginger, cucumber or lemon.



Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal often shares food and health related updates on Instagram. In one of her previous videos, she explained how dal alone cannot meet your daily protein needs. She explained that it is true that dal is an excellent source of protein. However, it is an incomplete protein. To fully enjoy your meal, you should pair the dal with roti or rice. Through the post, she also stated that the daily protein requirement of a human is between 45-65g/day. To meet this requirement, a person must have four to five bowls of dal in one meal. And usually no one has that many dal in one meal. Thus, the nutritionist mentioned that it is important to add more protein-rich foods to your diet, including soy, nuts, seeds, and chickpeas.

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