Here are some different ways to start your fitness resolution off right

Parents and children participate in a family fitness class with guidance from Omar Mongoya at OMR Performance Gym in Salinas, California.

Not surprisingly, “New Year’s, I’m new” is one of the most popular resolutions.

While the New Year’s fitness journey has proven successful for some, most others find themselves quickly falling off the wagon. This could be for a number of reasons: arduous work schedules, health conditions, or a loss of motivation.

Local fitness trainers and coaches say it’s just about finding the right kind of exercise that works for everyone, as not all people are built the same.

Here are three Salinas coaches who bring something unique to the table to help kickstart your fitness decisions off the right foot.

Longtime boxer Daniel Corona shares his skills with students at Rock Boxing Gym in Salinas, California.

Daniel Corona, rock boxing gym

For those seeking a more toning and weight loss program, Rock Boxing Gym might be the place to try.

The gym owner is none other than coach Daniel Corona, a longtime boxer who shares his passion for the sport with others in the community wanting to try something new.

His love for sports dates back to the early 1990s. Corona said he was inspired to teach sports in hopes of helping people improve their physical health. He also uses his work to give back to young people in need through specialized classes for them, and even advocacy and fundraising.

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