Greens unveil $17 billion renewable energy plan to support adoption of solar batteries in 2022 federal election

The Greens want to offer Australians grants of up to $10,000 and loans of $50,000 to install solar batteries.

It’s part of a $17 billion plan to help households and businesses switch from gas to clean energy, announced as part of their federal election campaign.

The Greens are unveiling the plan in Brisbane during the second week of the federal election campaign, where they are targeting a handful of city center seats held by the Coalition and Labour.

The energy price debate came early in the campaign, with the Coalition claiming that Labor’s ‘re-wiring the nation’ policy would drive up household energy prices.

The Labor plan would upgrade electricity infrastructure to accommodate the influx of renewable energy with a combined investment of $20 billion from the Commonwealth and more than $50 billion from the sector.

Under the Greens’ plan, home and business owners could also apply for grants of up to $25,000 and loans of up to $100,000 to switch from gas to electricity.

The party said the grants were intended to support investment in the local battery manufacturing industry.

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