Google TV’s favorite channels feature is coming to live services

While we’re still waiting for more important features to arrive, Google has just announced one of the first additions to its TV platform in quite some time. The Google TV Live tab adds “Favorite Channels” for certain services.

On the Google TV home screen, there are several content tabs, with “Live” grouping guides for YouTube TV, Sling, and other live services in one place. This is a very useful feature for cable cutters.

Starting this week, Google is adding support for “favorite channels” in the Google TV Live tab. This new feature will allow users to sort channels based on what they actually want to watch, instead of just sticking to the default order. This change also means that channels from other services may be rearranged, as Google TV currently displays live channels grouped by service, which means users who subscribe to multiple services may have to scroll for a while to find specific channels.

How does this feature work? A small design tweak will come with “Favorite Channels”, adding a “favorites” section to the Live tab. Although we haven’t seen it in action yet, we assume Google TV will remember whether you last used the “favorites” or “all” section, and default to that previous choice.

To add new channels to your favourites, Google TV will display a star icon next to each channel name. As you scroll through the guide, you can click on channel names to add them to the guide, as shown below. You can also remove channels from the favorites list by clicking the name a second time.

A representative speaking on behalf of Google said 9to5Google that “Favorite Channels” is rolling out to Google TV devices starting today and will continue “throughout the month”.

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