Four COVID-19 deaths in SA, but decline in positive cases and hospitalizations

Four more people have died from COVID-19 in South Australia.

One was a woman in his eighties, the others were two women in their nineties and a man in their nineties.

There are 236 people in hospital – a decrease of 10 from Friday’s number – including 26 patients in the ICU and seven on a ventilator.

SA has registered 4,349 new positive COVID-19 cases, compared to the total of 5,679 yesterday.

Friday’s numbers were high due to a delay in processing tests while testing clinics were closed due to warm weather.

The result also included rapid antigen tests (RATs) for the first time.

On Friday, 18,514 PCR tests were performed.

Approximately 10,000 RAT kits were collected from SA Health for close contact, with 1,242 positive results.

“The great thing about this is you get that positive result on the RAT right away. People go into that isolation — they know they have the positive case 24 hours before that PCR test, so this is a positive move,” Prime Minister Steven Marshall said .

A RAT distribution location will open in the Riverland tomorrow.

According to SA’s Omicron modeling, daily cases between today and January 25 are expected to peak between 6,000 and 10,000.

A driver is handed a rapid antigen test.
A driver receives a rapid antigen test at the RAT distribution site in Adelaide’s South Park. January 13, 2022. (ABC News: Michael Clements)

Dozens of people get wrong results

SA Pathology said 67 people received a text message earlier this week advising about an incorrect COVID-19 test result, including 34 COVID-positive people who were falsely given a negative test result and 33 people who were falsely given a positive test result. .

“We currently have a team of doctors contacting each affected person to explain the situation and apologize for the inconvenience caused, and a text message will be sent with the amended result,” the state agency said.

“We have reviewed and updated our processes, which will be implemented on Monday, to prevent a similar incident from happening again.”

Concerns about retirement homes restricting visitors

With cases of COVID-19 reported in a large number of retirement homes, Mr Marshall said the government had received complaints from family members about visitor restrictions.

He declined to say operators were doing “the wrong thing” in restricting visitors, but SA Health will provide him with a report on the sector’s visitor restrictions on Monday.

He said there was no state-imposed restriction on visitors to facilities with vaccination rates above 70 percent — “basically any” — except in the first 24 hours after a declared outbreak.

“There are families who are anxious, who are afraid of the current restrictions on visitors,” he said.

More vaccination slots have been opened this weekend for children aged 5-11 at the mass vaccination hub at the Adelaide Showground, while the Enfield site will become a family vaccination site from Monday.

Pharmacists and GPs will be offered a $15 bonus in Adelaide and $20 in the country per jab for beating their targets, an initiative worth up to $1 million, Mr Marshall said.

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